Text The Times.

Text The Times.

Just saw the art project…the BOLL WEEVIL…though its a little hard to recognize it as an insect, it is a beautiful piece of art. So sorry the hater keeps writing about it! I LOVE LOVE it! [ Editor’s Note: Glad you like it, and I’m sure there are plenty of opinions on both sides. Incidentally, “ The Hater” sounds like a great idea for a Batman villain]

*** My solution to the Marion recycling program is to drop it completely. I personally don’t want any more burdens of taxes such as the enormous property tax a year and city services as now being passed on to Marion tax payers. In another word; a lot of folks are at their limit of continuous rising living cost. If a grant can’t take care of the problem; so be it. Take that up with the state or the Feds. [ Editor’s Note: To me, recycling is one of those things that always seems like a good idea on the surface but ultimately leads to more problems than it solves, especially when you consider how unlikely the average person is to keep doing something that is inconvenient ( recycle) compared to something that is easier ( just throw it in the trash and forget about it). If Marion can figure out a way to fund its recycling program, then I’m all for allowing everyone who wants to recycle the opportunity to do so. I don’t think most Marion residents really appreciate the idea enough to pay for it though]

*** I found a solution to Marion’s recycling problem. Just add another charge on the water bill. That’s how we finance everything!

[ Oh, well, problem solved, then. Disregard my response to the previous text]

*** 4 renter who’s landlord want fix repairs call channel 3 or 13 get them involved like they do n memphis also withhold rent got ur receipts go 2 court take pictures of everything. [ Editor’s Note: Unless just the sheer embarrasment of being on TV is enough to spur them into action, you’ll get little satisfaction from a News Channel 3 exposé. I’ve mentioned this before, but renters in Arkansas are very limited in their rights. All the power is with the landlords, but you are certainly welcome to give it a try]

*** I tried to express my support for Trooper Strayhorn per the 1(501) 565-0339…and it went to a voice mailbox that was full! I will go old school and drop a note in the mail. Can we email? In my opinion, everyone in the county knows to avoid Jericho due to the keystone cop problem that has existed for years. Many thanks to the Evening Times and trooper Strayhorn for exposing this problem once again! [ Editor’s Note: I have literally no idea what ( 501) 565- 0339 is. That’s not even our area code. We actually don’t have a call- in line anymore. “ Text the Times” has replaced “ Speak Out.” However, you’re welcome to call ( 870) 735- 1010 and talk to a real live person. Or, you certainly can send a letter to the editor, either via the U. S. Mail or by e- mail to news@ theeveningtimes. com.

You can also just drop by the office and save on a stamp]


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