MHS presents end-of-year department, scholarship awards

MHS presents end-of-year department, scholarship awards Seniors at Marion High School received various awards during a recent honors assembly recently.

End-of-year awards were given to students who have achieved the highest grade and taken the most courses over their three-year high school experience.

Departmental Awards The awards are: English Cole Bledsoe; Math – Cole Bledsoe; Science – Tess Hall; Social Studies -Olivia Brick; Spanish – Kaila McClure; Band – Sarah Nixon; French – Tajma Davis; Business – Katerica Brown; Industrial Arts Brandon Wood; Choir Makayla Burch; Art – Sarah Nixon; Family Con Sci Shakia Couch; Medical Professions – Mallory Maness; Theatre – Randle Hardin.

Patriot Awards Patriot Citizenship William Gutt, Tess Hall, Rebecca Northcutt, Patrick Poole and Ben Vaughn.

Patriot Leadership – Olivia Brick, Molly Ginn, Cameron Kohl, Will Moore and Diane Phillips.

Patriot Service – Chasity Adaway, Olivia Brick, Shakia Couch, Molly Ginn and Patrick Poole.

Patriot Spirit – Chris Bramucci, Cameron Kohl, Marissa Marconi, Mya McCray and Lindsey Rolfe. Scholarships Awarded Crittenden County Master Gardener; $1,000 each Grant Bennett, John Barber. Shelter Insurance Foundation; $2,000 – Josey Moix and Brad Moore.

FBC Marion – Maggie Makayla Burch Sue Godwin Endowed Scholarship $4,000 ($500 per semester; Taylor Edmonds, Jillian Griffin, Sydney Griffin, Stephen Watson, William Gutt, Randle Hardin, Cameron Kohl, Lexis Miller, Halley Simmons, Ashton Spence and Morgan Weaver.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority – Kassidy Kirkman, Mya McCray and Tracye Parker.

Farm Credit Insurance $1,000 scholarship each; Grant Bennett, Makayla Burch and Michael Clayman.

Harold Patterson Memorial Scholarhship; Josey Moix and Tabetha Bramucci.

Marion Alumni $2,000 each – Kristin Bolton, Rebecca Northcutt and Micah Tolleson.

Crittenden County Junior Auxiliary $500 each – Marissa Marconi, McKenzie Shirley, Allie Bumbaugh, Micah Tolleson and Mallory Maness.

MSD Future Teachers $570 scholarships each Molly Ginn, Tess Hall, Kassidy Kirkman and Cameron Kohl.

TOT Future Teachers $280 scholarship each – Molly Ginn and Kassidy Kirkman.

MHS FBLA $250 each Olivia Brick, Katerica Brown and Will Moore.

Keys For Success Scholarship, $250 – Preston Fuller.

MHS HOSA $280 each Charlee Beth Barnes, Mallory Maness, Will Moore, Rebecca Northcutt, Madeline Pace and Bailey Peden.

MYSA $4,000 ($500 per semester) – Cameron Kohl and Ben Vaughn.

Full tuition at ASU Mid-South Community College: ASU Mid-South Principal’s Scholarship Randle Hardin ASU Mid-South Herbert Carter Scholarship Daylon Witt ASU Mid-South Jan Thomas Scholarship Chasity Adaway MHS Library $250 – Kinal Mangukiya Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Pi Chi Omega; $1,00 1st Miss Pink and Green – Mya Moody; $2,000 1st Miss Twenty Pearls – Mya Moody MHS Mu Alpha Theta, $500 each – Kristen Bolton, Talel Esmail, Tess Hall and Micah Tolleson.

Photo by Mike Douglas

AES awards

It was awards time at Avondale Elementary School earlier this week. As a final send-off before they move onto second grade, every youngster in all the first grade classes at the school received recognition for their accomplishments this year.

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