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Text The Times.

There are other youth sports programs to cover other than the JW Rich Girls Club. [ Editor’s Note: Yes, there are. Truth is, the Girls Club has just been easier to get to this season because my daughter plays there, but I was just out at the K& R ball park in Marion, covering a full slate of MYSA games, so look for some of those in today’s paper. I’ll also be up at Tilden Rodgers first chance I get. If I’m leaving anyone out, someone send me a schedule, because I’m a huge youth baseball/ softball fan, and I’ll cover anything baseball related. And as always, if you have a young slugger, snap some pics of their team in action and send them in. Chuck the Sports Guy and I would be happy to run them]

*** Although I appreciate your jester as to thanking the veterans for their services on Memorial Day… This day is to honor the veterans that gave their lives. [ Editor’s Note: Being named after a Marine, my uncle, who was killed in Vietnam, I’m very aware of what the holiday means, and I am very grateful for the sacrifice he and so many others made.

There does seem to sometimes be a little confusion between Memorial Day and Veterans Day ( which is observed in November). I made a similar note in “ Text the Times” last Thursday, wherein I said, “ While our living veterans do, indeed, deserve our respect and compassion, just a reminder that Memorial Day is actually a tribute to those who gave their lives for their country.” And I will say, it seemed this year, for the first time in several years, there seemed to be a little more emphasis nationally on the real purpose of Memorial Day ( outside of three- day weekends, cookouts and big sales), so that’s pretty cool]


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