Work continues on Marion filter plant

Work continues on Marion filter plant

Project about 2/ 3 completed

A new water filtration plant in Marion is about two-thirds complete.

Jack Bond of Bond Engineering said they are waiting on the 20-by-56-foot metal building to be delivered.

“All the concrete is poured. The filter tanks are in place,” Bond said. “We are waiting on the building.”

The filter plant is located next to Well No. 3 north of Military Road behind Trinity in the Fields Episcopal Church and by the cell tower on Washington Street.

The cost to build the filter plant is about $2.4 million. Well No. 3 meets safe drinking water standards but is occasionally cloudy.

The city mostly uses Well No. 3 as a back up source but the well does come online during peak water usage months.

Marion has four wells, two of which have filter plants.

Bond said they still plan on dressing the building up with landscaping to make it better blend in with the neighborhood.

The city asked the engineering firm to make sure the plant would not be visible from the walking trail along Marion Lake and the highway.

The building will include a fence and six to eight foot tall concealing trees similar to the ones on West Bond Street in West Memphis.

“We’re going to try and match the surroundings and the church,” Bond said.

By Mark Randall