This is not like grade school where you can yell ‘ rally, rally home free’

Parole officer arested on prescription forgery charges

On June 9th,the West Memphis Police Department arrested Arkansas State Parole Officer Chancey Rainey for Felony Forgery of Prescription Medication. The offense occurred on March 9, when the arrestee Rainey, 45, of Marion, allegedly submitted an altered prescription for two medications to a local pharmacy.

When the pharmacy became suspicious, they contacted the clinic where the prescription was written and it was verified that only one medication had been prescribed.

After an investigation by WMPD Detectives, an arrest warrant was obtained from Crittenden County District Judge Fred Thorne. A temporary bond of $10,000 was

Investigation alleges alteration of prescription form

West Memphis Police Department

set pending arraignment in West Memphis District Court.

From Capt. Ken Mitchell