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It sure does seem like we’re having a lot of power outages lately. Maybe it’s time for Marion to get its own utility company like West Memphis!!! [ Editor’s Note: West Memphis also relies on Entergy for its power transmission. Like many of our readers, I spent a few hours Monday ( and on Memorial Day) without electricity. It’s inconvenient, sure, but I’m not ready to call it an epidemic yet. However, as you will read below, it is causing problems for some of our neighbors]

*** I live on Darby Road, We were without power from about 5:30 on the 27th until about 5:00 on the 28th. I have two refrigerators and two freezers and we have spoilage. We had a lot of food that we just had to throw away. I am 77 years old and have scleroderma and I can not take the heat. My granddaughter, who lives on the neighboring property has cerebral palsy. We had to get a hotel room. That cost us another $65. I am on socal security. Who is going to reimburse me for that and for the food we lost? I pay my bill. The man than runs the local Entergy office needs to do his job. There is a problem here. I pay my bill. If they can’t fix this, then someone needs to be held accountable.

[ Editor’s Note: I am very sorry to hear your plight. I have heard a handful of similar tales in recent days. I looked online at Entergy-Arkansas. com for a way for customers to register complaints. I found plenty on how to pay your bill and lots of energy- saving tips, but no complaint button. You can call 1- 800- ENTERGY, but getting to a live person can be a chore. Maybe by running this, others in similar circumstances will read it and let their concerns be heard as well]

*** What’s up with people from Memphis come over here n get trouble? Look n 4 easy prey but beware cause may b up no good. [ Editor’s Note: That’s a question that Judge Fred Thorne asks every week in court it seems. “ Why do you come over here from Memphis to steal at our Walmart?” is a very common question he presents to defendants. They usually don’t have a very good answer and neither do I]

*** I thought last week it was said that Mr. Floyd collected and donated 100 to the womens shelter, now it is 2000. I demand a recount to get the correct donation total. Do yourself a favor and forget about the video. Anybody who has seen it wishes they could forget. [ Editor’s Note: I think your advice of “ Do yourself a favor and forget about the video” is probably the best advice. While I personally don’t care what Mr. Floyd does in his off time, apparently a bunch of folks seem to think it’s their business]

*** I have seen the video of Gordon Floyd it is absolutely disgusting this man works for the city of Marion he is in supervision field it does not matter that he was raising money for what ever there are other methods of doing so for him to be in a tong up his a-in a video really!!! Come on now he should have had more class about himself. [ Editor’s Note: Your opening comment, “ I have seen the video of Gordon Floyd it is absolutely disgusting” immediately reminded me of the raunchy comedy film from the ‘ 80s, “ Porky’s.” If you’re not familiar with it, it’s about a group of teenage boys growing up in the 1950s. One plot thread of the movie is they get caught by the principal watching an old black and white dirty movie in the school basement. They try to pass it off as an educational science film. Later, they are called into the office by the principal, who admonishes them by saying, “ I sat through every disgusting frame of this film — twice.”]

*** I’m tired of all the hoopla about the video of Gordon Floyd. It was disgusting and inappropriate and went too far. I don’t care if it was “off city time” or not. He is a department head for the City of Marion and as such should be held to a high standard. Would the Evening Times be defending other department heads, city council members, or Mayor Fogleman for engaging in such a display?

[ Editor’s Note: I feel like the only people creating “ hoopla” about this video are the people who were offended by it. If not for them, I certainly never would have heard of it. And to be completely honest, if Mayor Fogleman putting on a thong and dancing through the streets of Marion could help one homeless or abused woman, my only advice would be, “ wear blue, it really brings out your eyes.”]


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