Text The Times.

Text The Times.

Lots of speeding on Haden…in Crawfordsville..and they never stop at the stop sign!

They just slow down then go…too many children on this street for this to be going on… [ Editor’s Note: I just don’t understand why people keep texting in about speeders. Don’t they know how much more important it is for some folks to get to where they are going than it is to keep children safe? Sorry, I don’t have a “ sarcasm” font…]

*** Why is all of your sports coverage dominated by Marion schools? Last time I checked, West Memphis was in your coverage area.

It seems that if Billy Woods, an employee of the West Memphis School District and not your paper, doesn’t write the article, then there would be no coverage of Blue Devil athletics. How about a little more balanced coverage? Can Mr. Livingston not cover West Memphis sporting events well?

Please explain. [ Editor’s Note: Actually, it has been made very clear by the West Memphis School District that they would prefer that Mr. Livingston leave the coverage of their sporting events to Mr.

Woods. Another point, though, is that over the summer, there just hasn’t been very much in the way of local school sports going on. But, I do always like a challenge to whether or not we’re being “ fair and balanced” in our coverage, though, so I went back and looked, starting with the Aug. 1 edition. In our Sports section, there were five West Memphis stories ( including a color photo spread in Community Sports), seven Marion stories ( including a color spread in Community Sports), and two Earle stories. Now, if there is some West Memphis sporting event that did not get covered, I’d like to hear about it]

*** It’s 7 p.m. & my paper hasnt arrived. 602 dover rd. west memphis. I’ll accept it tomorrow if you’ll drop it off. please & thank you. [ Editor’s Note: As always, apologies to you and to anyone who doesn’t receive their paper. I notified the Circulation Department, so hopefully you’ll not only get your paper, but it won’t become a recurring issue. As always, I know it’s an inconvenience, but if you’re a pay- in- advance subscriber, you can get the online edition of the Times on your computer, tablet or smart phone. It’s not “ quite” the same as having a good old- fashioned paper edition in your hands, but it’s pretty snazzy]

*** Though Mayor Cooper seems to care about her town, it is very clear she cares much more about herself. Turrell is a town that has dropped in population by 35-40% since 2000. It now has a little over 600 citizens. The town’s revenue is not what it used to be. The median household income in Turrell is approximately $19,000, yet Cooper wants the town to pay her $24,000 a year and supply her a new car for her personal use. And that is exactly what it will be for – her personal use.

[ Editor’s Note: I will say this for the mayor, she’s persistent. According to an e- mail I received, she has launched a GoFundMe account “ in hopes of receiving enough DONATED funds to purchase an upgraded vehicle for the city of Turrell.” So, if any of you out there have a few extra bucks…]

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Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

Bohanon Back-to-School Rally Hello my name is Rhonda Bohanon from Earle, AR. The Bohanon Project launched its 2nd Annual 2016 Back to School Rally on July 30, at The Earle Community Center.

The project gave away free school supplies, free hair cuts, sessions on anger management/ bullying, and etc. The project also gave away baskets for college students. The children participated in games geared towards building their self-esteem and visions for their future. The children had an amazing time and took photos with local law enforcement. The Bohanon Project is community based and est. by Rhonda Bohanon in 2015. Thank you for sharing this information with the public.