DeltaARTS showered with Arkansas Arts Council grant funds

DeltaARTS showered with Arkansas Arts Council grant funds

Nonprofit to benefit from Department of Heritage program

DeltaARTS DeltaARTS has been awarded three grants totaling $44,816 from the Arkansas Arts Council, an agency of the Department of Arkansas Heritage.

These grants are for general operating support; the Lincoln Center Aesthetic Education Workshop for area teachers, which will take place next June; and for the 2016-2017 Arts Focus Schools project, a year-long arts immersion program for Wonder and L.R. Jackson Elementary.

The Arts Focus Schools program, which will connect to the schools' Readyto- Read programs through the performances and topical books selected for each grade level, includes teacher professional development, student classroom artist residencies focused on selected works of art connected to the curriculum, and attendance at the performances.

The performances for study this year will include “It's All Greek to Me” by Voices of the South, an inventive and upbeat theatrical piece highlighting Greek myths and mythological characters, and The Mighty Souls Brass Band, featuring a collection of music drawn from Memphis and New Orleans soul and funk as well as global traditions.

During the “It's All Greek to Me” unit, students will have the opportunity to study and research Greek Mythology, and also write, choreograph, and perform their own original modernday myths.

For the Mighty Souls Brass Band performance, students will experience and research the band's musical origins and its historical context as well as create original New Orleans-style umbrellas and musical instruments.

The students at both schools will enjoy a Celebratory Parade as a finale with the Mighty Souls Brass Band for parents, school stakeholders, and the community. In addition to these experiences, all fifth-grade students will attend a Memphis Symphony Orchestra performance at the Cannon Center.

From Alex Smith