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Text The Times.

I found another reason to cross the bridge to purchase products such as mulch and nursery plants plus trees. I walked into a local nursery on Dover St. just to get one bag of mulch to complete a small project and an employee showed me to front counter to check out. A gentleman showed up and started the process and I spoke to him first and he gave me a total and showed me a slip of paper that he has to charge an extra sixty five cents on anything less than $10.00. I questioned that and he said it was to pay for the handling of a credit card. I said I haven’t seen that anywhere else and he let me know real quick “You’re going to see a lot more of it.” Then I let him know it wasn’t right and I knew with our inflated taxes and jacked up price on mulch that was ridiculous. I took the mulch without a good shopping experience and thought, “if I got 15 min across the bridge. I could buy 5 sacks for $10.00 … Hummmmmm and don’t have to hear about adding for my card or smart answers. Thanks for home dep! [ Editor’s Note: If you’ve never heard of this, you either have been extremely lucky or just haven’t been paying attention. There are a bunch of places that have a minimum purchase amount for using a debit or credit card ( or like in this case, add a charge for purchases below the minimum amount), because the bank or card service center charges them a fee each time they swipe a card. It used to be pretty low, like a quarter per transaction, but a couple of years ago, they started jacking it way up, anywhere from 50 cents to more than a dollar for some companies. You were fortunate that the place you went actually bothered to tell you.

Usually there’s just a sign somewhere near the register they expect you to read on your own. It might sound like a ripoff, but if your margin of profit on an item is 40 cents and the bank is charging you 50 cents to run your customer’s credit card, you can see why this isn’t ideal. And I promise you, you’ll see it on both sides of the bridge]

*** I have noticed a better representation of the whole community in the sports section lately. Good job! [ Editor’s Note: You can’t see it, but I’m sort of squinting disdainfully at my computer screen right now. You see, I’m not sure if this is a genuine compliment or if you think we suddenly realized we were under- representing a certain part of the community and took steps to correct it. Because the truth is, with school having started back, school sports are starting back, so it’s just the natural flow of the news cycle coming back around, not a conscious attempt to get more of ( insert school here) in the paper. But thanks either way! I hope you saw and enjoyed last week’s 2016 Pigskin Preview. Mr. Chuck put a lot of time and effort into it and I thought it did a great job of highlighting all our area football teams]

*** Has anyone gotten phone calls claiming to be the IRS and telling you that you owe monies to the them? [ Editor’s Note: I ran this the other day, but since I keep seeing it on Facebook, I’m running it again. From Marion Police Lt. Det. Freddy Williams: Citizens have reported calls including the IRS, the local police departments and other businesses claiming to be collecting fees that are owed. Some are even saying that a warrant has been issued and they can go to jail if they don't make payments or supply information to them.

Some of these callers are very forceful when they speak to you on the phone. These calls are known to be scams so DO NOT give out any information or make any payments over the phone. Most all legit companies including the IRS usually send something to you in the mail and do not request any payment or ask for information over the phone. Many scammers will call the elderly and catch them off guard. Inform any family or friends which are elderly and make them aware of such calls. Go with common sense and DO NOT GET SCAMMED!]


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