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“Letting Boys Be Boys In School.” September 5, 2016. Kudos to an AMAZING principal, Mrs. Terri McCann, and the third grade team of teachers, who implemented gender grouping for the past several years. These educators are doing a very successful, innovative approach to teaching that insures ALL learners are unique, and need gender specific strategies to reach their FULL potential. JOB WELL DONE, BRAGG ELEMENTARY!

[ Editor’s Note: My daughter was in the “ all girls” class a couple of years ago, and I recall she had a very good year. Having raised two boys, I’m not sure how you keep 20 or so of them corralled at that age for any length of time, but they seem to be able to do it with a good deal of success, so hats off indeed, and while gender has become “ gender” here recently, it’s nice to see that the idea of boys being boys and girls being girls is still something that we’re willing to acknowledge exists]

*** I’m not for Trump or Clinton. He has used bad language that children do not need to hear. Hillary’s clip show children listening to Trump, asking parents, do you want your children listening to this. At least five times a day I see Hillary showing this same clip of Trump’s ugly talk. She is no better than he is. He said it, and she shows it over and over and over!!! So sad for our children to watch how people running for president act. [ Editor’s Note: I guess you’ve got about two months to makes a decision on who gets your vote. I’m well aware that standards vary from person to person, but I’m not going to put profanity way up there on my list of concerns. Senators and congressmen have been using “ cuss words” for centuries.

Former Vice- president Dick Cheney once famously dropped an “ f- bomb” on the Senate floor. In a speech once, President Ronald Reagan, having issues with his prepared speech, jokingly tossed the document over his shoulder and said, “ Ah, to hell with it,” and went off script. Of course, Reagan was always quickwitted. Once during a sound check prior to a national address, he got the production team’s attention by beginning the speech, “ My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.” Besides, the Supreme Court ruled last July that profanity was protected speech under the First Amendment, which will probably come in handy for voters in November, no matter who wins]

*** Hillary Clinton will never be President based on intregrity…she could stab a child on TV and her die hards would say the kid ran into the knife. If the truth was gunpowder, she couldn’t blow her nose and how do you go from dead broke to $150,000,000 in 15 years? Wake up sheeple and look at that wolf in sheeps clothing. Its a shame a lot of the indigents out there will vote for her for the freebees and handouts. Trump is my choice and I hope he wins so some of her deciples will have to do something different and go to work! The “gravy train” stops here – GO TRUMP!

[ Editor’s Note: We’re less than 60 days out from what promises to be one of the strangest presidential elections in decades, as many voters are basically saying they are voting “ against” the other candidate rather than voting “ for” the other. While you clearly have your mind made up, there are others who feel exactly the opposite.

The interest-ing voters will be those who “ hate both equally,” and are looking for a realistic alternative. Most of those who refuse to back either Clinton or Trump seem to be flocking toward Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, but I suspect that most of those potential voters will likely just stay home on Election Day. We might very well see the lowest voter turnout since 1996 when less than half of eligible voters turned out]

*** Dear Editor…I know this is not “dear Abby,” but would you find out why they took Pepsi Blue off the market… I sure would help this old lady’s mind. You do not have to print the letter…I have learned a lot from your answers…KUTGW

[ Editor’s Note: First soft drink- related text I can remember, but as a connoisseur of exotic root beers, I understand the appeal of a fine soda pop. For those who may not remember, a little more than a decade ago, the major soft drink companies began trying to jazz up their offerings with different flavor ideas, such as Vanilla Coke, Cherry Dr. Pepper, and yes, Pepsi Blue. Pepsi Blue was was launched in 2002, its flavor the result of taste- testing over 100 flavors over a 9month period. The drink was described “ berry”- fla-vored by drinkers or similar to cotton candy with a berry- like after taste, and much sweeter than regular cola. And yes, it was blue. Sales did not impress and it was retired in 2004 in most major markets, and then completely in 2006 in North America and Europe. The only real success story from the period was the introduction of Mountain Dew Code Red, which is still produced today. So, to answer your question, it was poor sales that led to the demise of Pepsi Blue. Although there is “ good” news, if you just have to have some. It remains available in Indonesia and in the Philippines, but you’d have to have someone there send it to you, since import/ export guidelines prevent it from being bought on eBay or Amazon.

Now, if you want the “ classic” Pepsi Blue, there are bottles for sale online, providing you’re cool with drinking 14- year- old soda and don’t mind paying $ 75 for a 2- liter]

A few proud Patriots were on hand for the Memphis Twilight Cross Country Classic last week.

Twilight Classic

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