Text The Times.

Text The Times.

Where are all those people that were terrified of a female rehab prison in West Memphis at the old hospital? I haven’t read in the paper of any assaults, escapes, and/or any illegal activity around the facility. I’m surprised they haven’t complained of the Arts moving into the Schottle Center. Maybe they feel just a bit silly now of all the fuss that was put up to keep the hospital empty! How bout a follow up story on the operation now that they are in business. Thanks [ Editor’s Note: I feel like you should knock on wood, but yes, there have been no issues with the ACC facility now housed at the former Crittenden Regional Hospital, now about three months since they were transferred in from Pine Bluff. While I still see how some folks might have been leery of the idea, I still feel like the move was a win- win for the community and the state. As far as DeltaARTS moving in next door at the Schoettle Center, that’s just a great move all- around as that program now has a facility as great as the work they do. I’ll see what I can do about getting an update on both operations]

*** As a middle age ordinary female voter, I feel like the national media and the Clinton camp assumes I am stupid or gullible. The very idea that the Secretary of State would “not” handle any classified email is ludicrous. The very idea she “can’t remember” anything is ludicrous. I’m not a computer geek, but I do know the difference between a “private server” and “private email.” HUGE difference and she knows it. It just frosts me that I am expected to ‘Believe.” That should have been her campaign slogan. The whole Clinton Foundation is just another stinky question mark in my mind. [ Editor’s Note: I broke your text up into two parts, since, as you note, it has two distinct sections. First up, when you say that you are a “ middle age ordinary female voter” you could not be more correct. According to 2012 voter data, ( according to electproject. org) “ Based on actual election turnout, which is the number of Americans who cast ballots, data shows that baby boomers and seniors ages 45 and older represent about 60 percent of voters in national races ( 54 percent of whom are women), and Nearly 1 out of 2 voters is 55 or older.” So, unlike many industries, which covet the almighty 18- 45 year- old demographic, when candidates want to garner the lion’s share of the votes, you are exactly who they have in mind. And even Clinton’s staunchest supporters have to admit, she’s been at least peripherally involved in some pretty sketchy stuff. On to Part B]

*** On a somewhat different subject… Anyone having to fill out government forms wonder why Hispanic is not a race choice anymore (such as jail)? Asian is, White is, Black is. So the jailer has to decide if the person with no drivers license from Guatemala is a U or W. Guess what. White was chosen. Why does our government not want correct data? Seems like this will screw statistics drastically! Guess who gets to vote without ID? Sick of government! Sick of media (except the Evening Times of course).

“When people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” — Benjamin Franklin. Thanks for the soap box! [ Editor’s Note: Well, the official reason is that “ Hispanic” isn’t a race, according to anthropological experts. It’s an ethnicity ( think Italian or Scandinavian), which traces its roots back to Spanish settlers inter- breeding with native Latin Americans. While it would be “ more correct” to offer “ Latino” ( which would differentiate between Native Americans, Inuits and Latin Americans) on government forms as a choice to designate non- caucasian, non- black, non-Asian, non-Native American individuals, the powers that be decided that “ U” for unknown was somehow better. As for Voter ID issues, while there is no federal Voter ID laws, 18 states currently have some form of photo ID requirement, with a handful more expected to pass similar legislation this year. Arkansas, of course, passed a Voter ID law in 2012, but the State Supreme Court tossed it out]


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