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Text The Times.

Is crime actually getting worse in Crittenden County? I didn’t think that was possible!!! [ Editor’s Note: I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s getting worse. We run every single police call out of Marion and West Memphis in the paper on Fridays. And it always fits on the page and always runs within a couple of “ column inches” of the same length every week. I went back the past couple of weeks and compared the Police Report section with roughly the same period last year. In the second half of August 2015, there were 78 police reports out of Marion in one week and 84 in the next. That’s a total of 162 reports in a two- week period. During that same period, in West Memphis, there were 104 reports in one week and 99 in the second week, for a total of 203 reports for that same two- week stretch. Comparatively, in the second half of August 2016, there were 81 police reports out of Marion in one week and 69 in the next. That’s a total of 150 reports in a two- week period. During that same period, in West Memphis, there were 94 reports in one week and 97 in the second week, for a total of 191 reports for that same two- week stretch. Now, obviously that’s a small sample size, and I won’t go back and run the numbers for every week or whatever, but I’m willing to say it’s “ about the same” as it has been for a while. I think the Internet age, where everyone gets their “ news” ( accurately or not) from Facebook has skewed the perception of crime here. Not that there’s no crime or anything, it’s just that we hear about it more and the comments only add fuel to the fire rather than focusing on taking action to make it better]

*** I would like to say this right here to the person that wrote in the paper about Trump being president and people taking free rides well you must be an idiot because Trump is not going to be the president of the United States if he would become president we will be in the war with Russia and everybody in the Middle East and how would you like for your kids to go to war and fight for some idiot like Donald Trump people y’all need to get your act together everybody’s voting for Trump you just prejudice and you people need to wake up it’s not going to happen if you said people are just getting free ride there are white people that’s getting food stamps getting Obamacare and everything else and I guarantee you some of you folks around here got Obama care you just don’t want to tell it so you go and you take your vote and you waste your vote because Trump is not going to be president he already got Russian hacking into stuff and you’re are to be scared for your life and your for your child’s life and for your neighbor’s life go Hillary!!! Vote Clinton stop the prejudice. [ Editor’s Note: I’m going to break this down, but first, let me advise that you invest in some commas and periods because reading that as a single sentence was exhausting! I realize this is a text message and not a Ph. D.

dissertation, but come on, how can anyone take your message seriously with phrases like “ you just prejudice” in it. I’ve been willing to print texts in support of both candidates, so I’ll run this one too. You can support who you like, I’ll support who I like and so can everyone reading this. I will say that Trump is far too cozy with Russia for my tastes. We are already at war in the Middle East ( in what is now the longest prolonged military action in American history). Your suggestion that someone being on Obamacare is something they would be or should be ashamed of is an insult to people of all races ( the same goes for food stamps, when it’s not being abused). And the idea that a vote for Hillary Clinton will “ stop the prejudice” isn’t really realistic. That will be more of a grass roots effort, not a from- the- top kind of initiative]

*** I’m a senior citizen I went to west memphis volleyball game tuesday the ticket lady said they don’t honor senior citizen discount so had to pay full price what a shame whats up?

[ Editor’s Note: Maybe it’s because I’m not quite old enough to be paying attention to such things, but I was not aware that any of our local sports teams had a senior discount on tickets. If there has been in the past, what is the price difference, like a dollar? I’m not saying you or anyone else doesn’t deserve a discount from businesses that want to offer one, I’m just curious. I know that in the past, the schools have sold season passes at a discount. It’s still early enough in the season you might want to check into that. It might even save you more that a senior discount would if you attend a lot of games]


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