Planning Commission gives go-ahead to subdivision


The City West Memphis Planing Commission approved a three acre subdivision at 1797 East Service Road. The property zoned C-2 was 17.4 acres and required no rezoning. The proposal sliced a three-acre lot out of the east end of the property. Bounded by 18th Street, the new lot sets just west of Barton Power Sports on the service road along the Interstate Interchange.

City Planner Paul Luker addressed the board.

“There is nothing controversial here,” said Luker.

“City Engineer Phillip Sorrell has reviewed the plan, working it well ahead of time, accounting for the required easements. Most of this land was previously platted. This brings in some of the un-platted part and subdivides the lot.”

Fourteenth Street ends at the back of the lot’s west side. With 18th Street going though to the Service Road on the east boundary, the city engineer said he had no worries now about 14th Street.

“There is no need at this point to bring it out to the Service Road,” said Sorrell. “Because there would be complications with the Highway Department and the off ramp right there.”

A short discussion over required drainage improvements on the lot preceded the unanimous vote to approve the plan.

By John Rech