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Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

I can’t believe that Hillary said in a speech that half the supporters were deplorable and called them everything in the book. This proves who this person really is; a bigot and the worse liar in the history of Washington politics.

While Trump was building 60 towers and buildings; Obama and Hillary were destroying 6 countries. That made it an Arab Spring for sure! Also they’ve lied and deceived the largest voting supporters in the history of the Democratic Party that I no longer support or ever will again. [ Editor’s Note: I’m all for calling someone out for saying something they shouldn’t have said ( and for which she apologized later afterward), and it certainly was a pretty boneheaded statement, but I find it a bit silly that after all of the very, very questionable things that Trump has said about people, this is the thing you’d pick to be outraged about. If the best thing both candidates can do it try to tear people down, rather than build a candidacy based on merit and goals for the future then you’re going to get a campaign that turns off a majority of American voters — oh, wait]

*** The people of Crawfordsville needs to know that there are kids going around town looking in the mail boxes when they are not in school. There was 2 boys and 2 girls. Parents you need to teach your kids about respecting other people’s property.

Because if you don’t, someone else will. These kids are too big to be doing these things. I wish we had more law around here. [ Editor’s Note: I’ll run this to at least spread the word, but I’m curious to know if this was just a one- time thing or if it’s something that is happening regularly. I doubt anyone would send the kids off to juvy for looking in mailboxes, but technically it is illegal to mess with someone else’s mailbox.

In fact, due to all of the important and personal documents that are handled through the U. S. Mail, tampering with another person’s mailbox is not only a federal crime, it’s a felony. I don’t know the age of the children you mentioned. If they are younger, maybe they were just playing a game or just bored.

If they were older, in their teens, there may have been some nefarious behavior afoot. Either way, you’d likely be better off to at least report it to the Sheriff ’ s Office in case something goes missing]

*** Those idiots who made the commercial about 9/11 are going out of business.

Good!!! Who thought that was a good idea? [ Editor’s Note: I assume you’re talking about the mattress store down in Texas where the two salesmen “ collapse” into a pile of mattresses. I’m not sure they’re out of business, but they are “ indefinitely closed,” which sounds like they’re probably going to change their name and maybe change managers and then re- open. But yes, that was a terrible idea that sounds like at least someone should have asked, “ Isn’t there another direction we can go with this?” There’s an old saying, often attributed to Mark Twain, that says, “ Tragedy plus time equals comedy,” and while that might be true, clearly enough time has not gone by for “ funny” 9/ 11 commercials. I will say this, though, sometimes people can make a bigger deal out of something. A Florida Walmart caught some flak for what I thought was an inoffensive 9/ 11 display featuring 12packs of sodas laid out to look like an American Flag and the Twin Towers. I’m not sure what was offensive about it, unless just the very idea of using 9/ 11 in any kind of advertising is seen as poor taste, which I guess it might be]