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How do I receive the Evening Times at my new address? [ Editor’s Note: If you’re already a subscriber, just call up here at ( 870) 735- 1010 and ask for the Circulation Department. I’m sure they’ll be glad to switch you over. If you’re a new subscriber, do the same, but it will take a few more minutes to set up your account]

*** This is in response to Brian Reese’s comments about the weeds & grass in West Memphis. If he wants to be a councilman, and ride around town taking 100 pictures, then don’t you think he should run for council again or is that just his way of being in city business in some capacity! JMO! [ Editor’s Note: No. No, I don’t think it’s necessary to act in the capacity of an elected official to take action toward addressing an issue. In fact, if more people took an active role in addressing issues, whether it be by bringing something like tall grass to the council’s attention or starting a neighborhood watch or just picking up trash. Remember, our elected officials are there to represent us in city matters, not do our civic duty for us]

*** I have not attended a school event, yet but will be curious to see what the pricing is. I do know that my grandson, a student at Marion had to pay $4 to see the volleyball games. I think all students should be able to get in for a dollar, just saying. Most all youth events honor some type of senior discounts. While at Gameday, in Cordova this past weekend, a senior ticket was $2, a youth under 6 was $2, while and adult was $5. It really is nice for us senior citizens to be able to attend sporting events at a discounted price, since we go in so many different directions to watch our grand children participate. I do know at a recent baseball tournament at Marion, it was $6, with no discount for seniors. [ Editor’s Note: Believe me, no one hates seemingly inflated prices more than I do, especially since I’m usually multiplying the cost of getting in somewhere times four or times five, since my wife insisted on having all these kids. But at the end of the day businesses ( including schools) are out to make money, and they will charge whatever the market will bear. I think I mentioned this before, but while I certainly applaud businesses who elect to offer a senior discount ( or student discount or veteran’s discount or whatever), there’s also no reason anyone should “ expect” a discount either]

*** Congratulations to our Crittenden County Saddle club members who competed in the Arkansas State Horse Show. The dedication it takes to compete at that level is to be commended! Always good to see our youth excel. Loved seeing it in the paper. [ Editor’s Note: Any time any of our young people ( or really anyone from this area) goes out and performs on a competitive level, it’s great to see support for them back home. Whether it’s Barrett Baber on “ The Voice,” Gray Fenter being drafted by the Baltimore Orioles, Bryan and Ryan Conston garnering major academic scholarships, or even the recent story we ran about Vivie Myrick landing a small role on “ Million Dollar Quartet,” it’s proof that while, yes, there are some bad things going on around here, there’s still a lot of positivity to be proud of. And hey, I have like zero interest in the Miss America Pageant, but I have to admit, it’s pretty cool to see Miss Arkansas take the crown this year… and “ Savvy Shields” is an awesome name]


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