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Text The Times.

With this crazy world and more and more violence; I’d like to see public hangings on the court square or the electric chair back in legislature. It would save Arkansas millions of dollars and would drastically cut violence such as murder, kidnapping child abductions and home invasions; plus automatic 20 years in prison for gang violence of any kind such as robbery with a gun. Any illegal immigrant should get deported immediately and if convicted of murder; death by hanging. If we let this stuff by with a slap on the hand; then the US will become out of hand as we are witnessing today. we have to be violent in punishment to stop major violence or pray for God to save our children and community. People claim Isis as the major threat. Believe it or not it is our own citizens and I’ll give you three guess who and the first one will count!… So Mr. Senator don’t worry about what mixture is used in a shot to put these violent murders to sleep; worry about the decaying of America and a solid solution to stop it. [ Editor’s Note: Well, I suppose that’s one way to do it]

*** Mr. Editor; on my bone headed statement about Hillary Clinton shows you haven’t done your homework on Trump for the last two or three weeks. He’s shown several great goals and how he is going to do it such as Day Care for children and relief for parents, immigration, taxes, military and so on. So next thought would be to step up to a big mirror; bend your head over and take a picture of that big bone sticking out of your head and I hard it was quite large. Hoohha! [ Editor’s Note: Without writing a dissertation here, I’ve been all over both candidate’s official web sites reading on their “ visions.” If you haven’t, I’d recommend it, because there’s no confusion here. These are Trump and Clinton’s official campaign sites, and they are easy to navigate. For your man Trump, i t ’ s www. donaldjtrump. com/ POSI TIONS. Each topic has a heading and a detailed outline of what the problems are. Unfortunately, it’s very heavy on ideas and very, very low on how to actually make those ideas a reality. You can’t just say, “ The Trump plan will rewrite the tax code to allow working parents to deduct from their income taxes child care expenses for up to four children and elderly dependents.” That’s a quote. Nowhere does it explain where the $ 125 billion in lost revenue that would mean would come from. Nowhere does it actually say how that “ rewrite the tax code” would happen, since that’s not an executive power. Now to be fair, the Clinton site is www. hillaryclinton. com/ issue s/, and it’s laid out in a very similar fashion but it does offer a much more detailed roll- out plan. Of course, you don’t really need much of an explanation on what you’ll be getting with Clinton — she’s basically Obama 2.0 — You just need to decide how you feel about that. Oh, and just so I can say I said it, you do know the entire head is made of bone right?]

*** Can you explain the alley situation in Old Marion? Is this privately owned or does it belong to the city? If it belongs to the city, why are fences, etc., built in them?

[ Editor’s Note: At the risk of sounding uninformed… the, umm, “ alley situation” in Old Marion? I grew up in Marion and I have no idea where you could be talking about. I asked a few folks that I thought might know, and I got nothing.


*** Its seen the only black people who think Donald Trump would make a good president are people who think like Ben Carson who said Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery and also white people who think like Bill O’Reilly when Michelle Obama said she wake up each morning in a house that was built by slaves. Bill O’Reilly said that at least they were housed and fed good if this was a silent campaign Donald Trump could win this election by a landslide he said so many of the wrong things I don’t believe he could be elected dog catcher if he said he was going to make America great again America is already great some of the people are not great a white man asked me if I would be offended if a white person called me the n-word I said no the only thing that could have been me will be for Social Security call me and say mr. Brown we are out of money

[ Editor’s Note: I honestly got lost in this one so many times I gave up. In lieu of a response, let me hone in on the phrase you used that I have seen and heard many times: “ elected dogcatcher.” I have often pondered the origin of this phrase, which means that one’s chance of winning an election of any kind are very slim. I mean, “ dogcatcher” isn’t actually an elected office, right? Well, at least not anymore. It’s just hyperbole to indicate “ the most lowly conceivable office.” Fun fact: Duxbury, Vermont, is the only place left in the U. S. that still holds an election for the position of town dogcatcher. The more you know!]


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3 weeks ago I put out my Trump sign. Today it looks like this. [Editor’s Note: The truth is, some sad little person actually took the time to go through the following thought process: “Hey, look at that Donald Trump sign! I don’t like Donald Trump! How come that person put up a Donald Trump sign? He’s not cool! You know what would be cool? What if I ripped up that sign? Man, wouldn’t that be cool? I sure am cool! And everyone knows what I think is cool is what matters!” And when that’s what you’re dealing with, I’m actually surprised it lasted three weeks. So, in summary, if the greatest contribution you can make to the political process is to tear up someone else’s sign, maybe just stay out of the political process, m’kay?]