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When I am driving on old Hwy. 77, going the speed limit (45 mph), do I have to pull over to the right lane when the speed demons run up behind me? Also that middle lane is the most dangerous thing ever! People pull into it right beside on-coming cars. What if that car was about to get in that lane and turn? [ Editor’s Note: The rule is almost universally “ slower traffic keep right,” but I guess as long as you’re observing the speed limit, you can make it the other driver’s responsibility to navigate their way around you if you prefer. And while I can see your point that the turning lane can be treacherous, it’s far more preferable to trying to make a left- hand turn while another car is coming up behind you at 45 miles per hour. Like my Dad always told me, “ You know what you’re doing. It’s all the other idiots you have to watch out for”]

*** Wordaholic Robert L. Hall makes my day on Thursday. Thanks Mr. Hall. [ Editor’s Note: I’ll pass along the praise. I think we have a pretty good mix of “ Page 5” commentators going right now.

Thanks for reading!]

*** Referring to the prices of Sporting Events: the baseball tournament for $6 a person had nothing to do with MSD. All events are $5 for an adult and a Patriot Pass can be purchased from central office for $35, a huge savings if you got to many MSD sporting events.

[ Editor’s Note: I feel like I mentioned buying the athletic pass as a way to save on admission already, but good to see it confirmed. Here’s an idea that advertising people use all the time… just add “ only” to the front of the price. I mean, which sounds better? “ Catch all the exciting action for $ 5!” or “ Catch all the exciting action for only $ 5!” Sure, it’s like saying something that’s $ 9.99 is “ less than $ 10” but it might take the sting out of your wallet a lit-tle]

*** When are the schools going to get out of the dark ages and get cameras around the schools? Surely there is some kind of grant or something. Have not been to a school in the last 10 years that didn’t have security cameras!

[ Editor’s Note: Well, I know that the Academies of West Memphis has cameras. I feel like at least some of the other schools also have cameras. Didn’t wonder get them not too long ago as part of a large grant for the school? I don’t have a school- by- school rundown. Did you have a particular school in mind?]

*** I vote for Harry Callahan for president. [ Editor’s note: For those under 40, Harry Callahan was the protagonist of the Clint Eastwood “ Dirty Harry” movies, and while “ a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world” could solve a few problems, and having the president tell Vladimir Putin “ Go ahead, make my day” would be pretty cool, I always thought Martin Sheen would be a pretty cool president. He kind of looks like John Kennedy, right?]

*** How do you suppose the other restaurants feel about the county judge actively trying to bring in competition for them?

[ Editor’s Note: Man, it seems like there are some folks that will find a reason to complain about anything. There are 50,000 people in this county, not to mention the thousands that drive through the community via the two major interstate highways that we have, so I don’t think McDonald’s or Colton’s are really threatened by the possibility of a Chick-fil A or Arby’s coming to town.

Having said that, if someone could convince Steak & Shake to set up shop here in Crittenden County, they would get, like, all of my money]


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Omega Nu Zeta Marion Graduate Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. participated in the 10th Annual Breast Cancer “Walk for Boobies” on Saturday, September 17 at Earle High School football and Track Field. This event was sponsored by Ms. Linda Maples of Earle. [Editor’s Note: Well, as an avid supporter of the boobies, I hope your event was a success. It’s almost October, so I’m already anticipating a lot of pink-themed photo-opps. Good job!]