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Text The Times.


Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

What’s going on with Turrell’s water system and the sewer pond? [ Editor’s Note: If you’re having issues with your water, I would assume it’s due to the the installation of the city’s new water tank and pump, which was acquired back in June. If that project has already been completed, it might be a problem with your system. Perhaps call the Turrell Water Department and see if it’s an issue around town? According to my sources, the number is ( 870) 343- 2537]

*** Where can I get a Trump sign?? [ Editor’s Note: Bobbi Dodge is the go- to person for most things Republican ‘ round these parts. She recently said in a story that anyone who would like a “ Trump for President” sign can call her at ( 870) 7351104. With those signs apparently being subject to vandalism or theft lately, you might want to get two]

*** Glad to see there hasn’t been so much negative attitude around the West Memphis vs.

Marion game this year. Looks like some folks decided to grow up a little!!! [ Editor’s Note: Now, don’t you start!

Things have been fairly lowkey for this year’s game. I’m writing this on Friday morning, the day of the game, so I suppose there’s still time for things to escalate, but knock on wood, they won’t. But you’re right, at least in my social circles, both online and in real life, there hasn’t been much in the way of trash talk and such. It’s possible — and I say this as a proud Patriot ( Class of ‘ 91) — it might be because, let’s face it, it ain’t much of a rivalry if one team has never won. Either way, as long as the boys on both sides of the ball give it their all and no one gets hurt, the community as a whole wins]

*** The Exxon Station (The Circle N) in Crawfordsville has some of the best chicken around. The food is always fresh, always hot. I also recommend their chicken tenders, fish, corn dogs. Their sides are excellent. They also fix sandwiches, pizza’s. Great cooks !!! The cashiers are friendly and helpful. If you haven’t’ stopped and visited, please do. [ Editor’s Note: Sorry, but I don’t trust something just because it shows up in Text the Times. I’m afraid you’re just going to have to come by the office here with samples of all of this food so that we can offer a fair and balanced opinion on this matter. The address is 1010 Hwy. 77 North, and don’t forget the sweet tea]