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Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

Kudos to your suggestion Thursday on Steak and Shake. I would also like to see Macy’s. Or Target would be nice too. One of my favorites, Red Lobster or Joe Crab Shack. Man I could keep going with suggestions, but it would do no good until the Hospital gets here. [ Editor’s Note: I think you hit the nail on the head with the hospital. The new Baptist Hospital, along with the new hotels, will make this a prime location for developers and entrepreneurs. Now, there’s no denying that this area still has some hurdles to overcome to have a major economic boom, but I think that thanks to efforts out at the community college to build a better workforce and efforts by our local leaders to push economic development, we may be getting there. It will no doubt still take time, but what else have we got but time, right?]

*** I saw in the paper where you indicated the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report and the Bureau of Justice Statistics since 2005 indicated that the victims killed by police officers are 50% white, 26% black, 24% Latino, Asian mixed or unidentified. So why does the news media NBC, CBS, ABC and others only report when black people are killed when the majority killed are white? Who makes the decision on who they report on? Because the never report on other races getting killed besides black. Many people think they are only killing black people making it a race thing. It is this type of thing that stirs negativity in race relations. [ Editor’s Note: Are you legitimately asking me how the major news networks decide what to report or how to report it? Because, if so, you’re out of luck. I have no clue. If you’re asking me to speculate, though, well, I’m a fantastic speculator. It’s ratings. You’ve probably heard the old news adage, “ If it bleeds, it leads” before, right? Well, if you can add another element of controversy to a story it’s the cherry on top of the exploitation sundae. There’s no outrage to be stirred up by “ criminal shot by police,” because that’s the sort of thing that happens when people do bad things, but if you can say “ black criminal shot by white police officer,” well, there’s yout controversy, and controversy sells. But yes, the media is in no way innocent in the recent racial tensions our nation has seen]

*** There are three lakes/ponds/drainage ditches at the Lakes of Richland, so you won’t see much with a ‘passing glance on your way to Matthews Park.’[ Editor’s Note: I don’t have emojis on this computer, so picture a friendly “ thumbs up” graphic right about here]

*** Great job Mark Rose and everyone involved with the fishing rodeo. It was a good time for the kids and fun for all. My little one caught three fish and we can’t wait for the next one!!!

[ Editor’s Note: Glad you had a good time. My daughter had to choose between the fishing rodeo and trying out for Aladdin, Jr. over at DeltaARTS, and she went with Aladdin. But to echo your sentiments, I’ve heard nothing but positive things about the fishing rodeo, so job well done, indeed! I’ve only met Mr. Rose a handful of times, but he always comes across as a very positive guy with a soft spot for the kiddos in our community]