Text The Times.

Text The Times.

Just watch the President debate she ate his lunch [ Editor’s Note: Well, she’s been accused of plenty of other things, so I guess we’ll add that to the list…]

*** Saw that useless debate. He ate her lunch. [ Editor’s Note: I sometimes wish we saved the numbers that we get these texts from. This is one of those times, just so I’d know if this text and the one above came from the same person just being “ clever” or if two people actually watched the same debate and came away with the same “ lunch” analogy, only each for the other side]

*** “I am the biggest Blue Devil fan (golf, tennis, volleyball, football, cross country) fall, winter and spring sports… I am a fan through the good, the bad, and all the growing pains in between. My question is does Billy Woods not know that football is not the only fall sport that the West Memphis School District participates in? Yea a few stats are put in the papers after the games, but again I’m at the games. Billy Woods is not. I love Blue Devil football just as much as the next guy, I have reserved seats! Billy does an excellent job at the football games. He takes pictures and writes detailed articles that don’t just include stats. Does Billy just not like the air conditioning of Lehr arena? Or is it the lack of mosquitos? I just feel all Blue Devil athletics should get the same attention that the football team does. I could understand if Billy’s pay check came out of the football budget, but I am certain it does not.” [ Editor’s Note: Nice touch adding the quotation marks. I think Mr. Woods considers football as probably the “ cornerstone” of the Blue Devils athletic program, but yes there are other sports currently underway. It’s probably worth noting that in addition to his sports coverage, Mr. Woods also works as the PR/ Publicist for the entire school district. They prefer to have their news coverage done in- house and we honor that preference]

*** I’m all in favor of some sort of entertainment center and museum in Marion. I don’t like the idea of paying an average year salary for some on a study. This needs to be shopped around or have some sort of vote by the people what they think what would draw tourist and especially our mid south area and folks that pay the taxes around here. Horse arena would be ok if you like that stuff but what about movie goers, skating, family Game Center or a mud island type of venue that would have room for a museum? Oh and what about an amusement park to boot? Again, I like horses and such but I wouldn’t spend all my extra time yelling “WAHOO” There’s more to a drawing event than one item of somebody’s personal interest.

[ Editor’s Note: Well, I suppose ideally we could just put up all of the items you mentioned, but the truth is that each one of those venues would be tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in investments. Just my take, and believe me I have no biases in favor of either horses or maritime disasters, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with taking a niche interest and building your city’s identity around it. While it might not be up your alley ( or mine), a multi- purpose horse arena would be a big draw from all over the region. Those who run in those circles ( and there are a LOT of them) travel all over the country, and they bring their dollars with them. Marion already has the Esperanza Bonanza rodeo as an established event, so there’s already something to build around. The Sultana museum is similarly an attraction for the very sizeable history and heritage crowd ( another big tourism demographic) that would again bring people into town. I think most of what you have in mind would be for the people who already live here, and while that is important, it’s not what an Advertising and Promotion Board does]


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