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Off the rails…

Train suffers multi- car derailment in Marion Railroad officials will tell you there’s no such thing as a “good” train wreck, but there is a “best” kind of train wreck — one in which no one was injured, which took place in an non-residential area, and the spill included no toxic or hazardous materials.

Fortunately, that is the sort of train wreck that took place over the weekend when a train came off the tracks while passing through Marion Sunday afternoon on the BNSF line.

According to investigators, witnesses and the West Memphis Fire Department, more than two dozen railroad cars went off the tracks just north of the new Walmart Neighborhood Market on Highway 77 in Marion.

While the derailment created quite the spectacle, authorities say the cars were only hauling coal and nothing hazardous. The derailment took place in the most ideal location for such an event – no railroad crossings were blocked.

Although it's not clear what caused the derailment, an investigation is still ongoing. Crews worked through the night on clearing the tracks and the surrounding area. On Monday morning, the process was still underway, with Marion Police cordoning of a section to Highway 77 to help facilitate the cleanup.

“Just glad it wasn't some hazardous material and we didn't have to evacuate anyone from their homes,” said Sheriff Mike Allen.

By Ralph Hardin