New school, new sign

New school, new sign

West Memphis DRC gives Bragg Elementary the green light

A fence and two signs made the agenda at the first West Memphis Design & Review Commission meeting in September.

A discussion revolved around a proposed LED sign board at Bragg Elementary. The sign will be almost nine feet long and seven feet tall. Standing on an 18-inch stacked stone base the LED screen measures 40 inches by 104 inches.

Concerns about obstructing a view at an intersection and making sure the lights wouldn’t shine through the window of neighboring houses prompted commissioners to move the spot. Commissioner Charlie Suiter recapped

the discussion about the sign.

“I wanted to make sure visibility wasn’t blocked from entering or exiting from the street,” said Suiter. “And I wanted to make sure the light was projecting out onto the school property and not directly across the street.”

The two concerns led to relocating the sign before approval.

“We moved it down 50-75 feet because it looked like it could block the view of an intersection,” Said Suiter.

In other Design & Review news, Tourism Director Jim Jackson reported the results of the hearing to Advertising and Promotions Commissioners. The A& P pursued approval from the DRC during the same meeting, for welcome signs located along the Interstates on top of the levee. With this approval in hand, Jackson partnered with the city purchasing manager Kenneth Johnson to prepare bid specifications. Jackson spoke about the next step toward making the signs a reality.

“The Design & Review Committee unanimously approved our welcome signs this afternoon,” Jackson wrote to A& P Commissioners. “Kenneth Johnson and I are working on a bid

packet.” A new fence for part of the north side of Awesome

Products remained tabled by the DRC for the second consecutive meeting.

By John Rech