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Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

Does anyone know what is causing the white soapy looking stuff falling from the oak trees. I live in West Memphis and my yard looks like it snowed. I have asked people and no one seems to know what’s causing this. I am not the only one. [ Editor’s Note: I consulted our resident expert on such matters, as well as Google, and the consensus is that what you are seeing is called “ slime flux,” a very descriptive name judging from your text. It’s a bacterial infection that I’m told is particularly troublesome after sustained hot, dry periods ( which makes me wonder how we’re not drowning in slime flux around these parts). Unfortunately, there is no cure, but it’s also not fatal. It might just come back every summer once a tree gets it. The smell, I’m told, is the biggest problem with slime flux]

*** Thinking about the last article again about the Marion future museum, etc. It almost sounds from the original article in text times; could be a possible pay to play and decision making proposition. So, if your company gives the most money up front; they most likely will… Hint; get their personal choice. Hmmmm, I see… [ Editor’s Note: I think the main thing to consider about the Sultana Museum and investing in it is whether or not it’s a worthwhile and sustainable endeavor. As a standalone operation it’s probably not, but as an overall part of Marion’s attempts ( well, the county as a whole, really) do develop a tourism industry, I think it’s a crucial piece of the puzzle]

*** The tailgate party before the Marion/WM game was very nice. Thank you to all who cooked and helped with it. [ Editor’s Note: What’s not to like about a tailgate party, am I right? But yes, those are the kinds of things that people often overlook when everyone wants to run down our community. There was no violence, no animosity and everyone seemed to be getting along just fine. Glad you enjoyed it, and indeed, job well done to everyone who was involved]

*** Seems to me all I see is Marion sports news in speak out. Very little w mphs volleyball games. [ Editor’s Note: We don’t have a ‘ Speak Out’ section now, haven’t for a couple of years. If you just mean the Sports section, I promise we run every story we get from the West Memphis School District. In fact, there was a story about the West Memphis volleyball team in last Wednesday’s paper, along with the tennis team. And since it’s been about a month since I’ve done the whole “ fair and balanced” challenge, I’ll do it again… For the month of September, for those of you who like to ‘ keep score’ about such things, the Times Sports section has featured West Memphis 35 times, Marion 31 times, West Memphis Christian 7 times, Earle 5 times, the Memphis Redbirds 3 times, The Razorbacks 3 times, ASU 2 times, and a handful of one- off stories]