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Text The Times.


Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

Surely I’m not the only one who has a problem with parents like Mrs. Nanney trying to justify the actions of their kids when they jumped the fence and created a bad situation after the game on the 23rd. She may not be apologizing for being a Blue Devil, but the number of people not apologizing with her sure is shrinking because of how that football program carries themselves and represents the school. [ Editor’s Note: As much as I love the interest the Marion vs. West Memphis game generates in the community, it seems like there’s always something that puts a tarnish on the event. So, this year, it’s the kids from West Memphis jumping a locked gate and running onto the field. First off, that’s just not something that needs to happen — a visiting team running onto the home team’s field. Second, it was actually quite fortunate no one was hurt and that it didn’t escalate into something more than it was. The only reason it didn’t is because it didn’t. Third, I have it on pretty good authority that the students did not come up with the idea of jumping the fences on their own. Now, having said all that, I don’t know that it was the apocalyptic event that some folks are making it out to be. I do wonder, though, what the reaction would be if the roles were reversed, with Marion students running onto the field after beating West Memphis in West Memphis? In any event, I think the best description of the current environment is one that I read on Facebook that said, “ This fued between Marion and West Memphis is adult driven not student.” Next year, let’s grow up, let the students provide the school spirit, and just watch the game]

*** Two Pitbulls threw a man to the ground and mauled him on 19th street Monday morning and animal control says they gonna get they dogs back. What kind of animal control is that in this town? [ Editor’s Note: While I saw the incident listed on the weekly Police Reports, neither the report nor your text indicate whether the victim of the “ dog bite” ( which is the charge listed on the report) was the owner. If so, the municipal code is different than for a non- owner. In any event, I don’t know if the dogs in question here actually have been returned to the owner, but if the case has not been fully adjudicated, ( again, assuming charges were filed), then the dogs should not be released from Animal Control, according to West Memphis Municipal Code 9.04.130, which addresses vicious dogs]

*** Though I don’t have anything against cats, I would like to know why they can run loose? Carrying fleas from yard to yard, paw prints on vehicles, get into garbage, sit on other side of fence and make dogs bark all night, they can scratch and bite too! It doesn’t seem fair. Is there a law against dogs barking all night? b/c of cats? [ Editor’s Note: I guess you make some good points, but there’s honestly no way to control where cats go and what they do ( short of shooting them, I suppose). But really, the only reason there’s a dog ordinance is that dogs are much, much more likely to be violent toward humans or other pets.

It was actually pretty tough to find “ cat attack” statistics but I did it. It turns out that cat bites and scratches account for about 2% of all animal attacks requiring medical attention in the U. S., compared to 90% coming from dogs (“ Dog bite injuries are the No. 1 childhood public health problem reported each year” according to Health Department data. I’ve got to be honest, though. It’s that other 8% I’m worried about.

Snakes? Spiders? Dragons?]

*** Why can’t the city of West Memphis do something about these big brown water bugs in the sewer?

They end up in houses, coming up thru the drains, it’s awful! [ Editor’s Note: Big brown water bugs, you say? This is the first I’ve heard of this problem. Have you contacted the West Memphis Utility Department? Because this seems like the kind of thing they would want to know about.

Their number is ( 870) 7353355. In the meantime, maybe you could get a cat? Mine love to hunt down crickets and cicadas]

*** I wonder if they’ve changed the law on parking on the sidewalk or loud mufflers. Either one can be in front of the polices’ (law) face and the don’t do anything. [ Editor’s Note: I can’t imagine any of those ordinances have changed.

Let me check the ol’ municipal code again… no, they have not, at least not according to . West Memphis Municipal Code of Ordinances Title 13 – “ Streets and Sidewalks” or 11.16.050 – “ Exhaust systems — Mufflers.” I don’t know how strictly those ordinances are enforced though, nor do I know the penalty in the event of a citation]