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All the news paved streets in Marion are very nice!! Thank you to the road Dept. [ Editor’s Note: As someone who lives on one of those streets, I too, am appreciative of their efforts. As a side note, the newly- paved Service Road there by the West Memphis Walmart is also a welcome improvement to our local roadways, so thumbs up all around!]

*** I wish I knew who put this flyer in my door advocating for the removal of Mayor Carolyn Jones which states it’s sponsored by the citizens of Earle. Well I’m a citizen of Earle and I DO NOT approve of the message or any of the antics that are going on here. She was actually my teacher and a VERY educated smart woman who cld really do good in the city. I’m appalled at the way she’s been treated but will also admit I haven’t been proud of her responses. All that being said, keep your flyers on poles and store windows cause I knw I’m not the only one who doesn’t want them in her door or on my windshield. Thx [ Editor’s Note: While I have been criti-cal of the Earle Mayor, I’m going to agree with you that leaving flyers on the doors of personal residences, regardless of the cause, is not cool. I don’t know about Earle specifically, but most communities have enacted ordinances specifically banning such practices, political or otherwise. Which is why you may have seen the Jehovah’s Witnesses getting run out of town on a random Saturday morning]

*** In regard to the Marion Vicious Dog Ordinance. I have two of the most social friendly pit bulls anyone has ever met because they were raised with love. Let’s also include several other breeds in this act such as Rottweilers, German Shepards, and many small breeds that are know to bite frequently such as known Chihuahuas, Pugs, Dashshunds. I feel this is unfair to judge all dogs because they belong to one breed. If a dog has bitten or been proved to be vicious then proceed but don’t find them guilty because they belong to a certain breed. [ Editor’s Note: I would actually go the other direction. I woudn’t name any specific breeds at all. A “ vicious” dog is a vicious dog. I love animals but some dogs are just bred to be vicious or simply are by nature. And maybe you do have “ two of the most social friendly pit bulls anyone has ever met.” It doesn’t mean that they aren’t statistically the most dangerous breed of dog in the U. S. According to the CDC, from 2005 to 2015, there were 232 fatal pit bull attacks in the U. S., accounting for 64 percent of all fatal dogbite attacks ( the rottweiler, by comparison was second, with 12 percent). And no one is try-ing to take away your dogs ( or anyone else’s). The proposal would simply allow a judge to take action in the event of an incident involving a dog attack against a human or another dog, and I can’t really see a problem with that]

*** Stealing Trump signs is not restricted to West Memphis. Friday night someone took my sign from my yard on Alta Vista drive in Marion. Hopefully it was a Trump supporter in need of a yard sign for their lawn and not a free loading democrat Clinton supporter considering it as an entitlement. Signed, an adorable deplorable [ Editor’s Note: Well, hopefully you can take solace in the fact that Trump holds a 20- plus point lead over Clinton in Arkansas in the latest polls, so I think the state’s 6 electoral votes are firmly in his basket, regardless of any sign thievery. However, it doesn’t look like ( again according to the latest polls) that Trump is close to garnering the 264 additional electoral votes he would need to win. The site I have found to be the most accurate over the past several election cycles ( electoral- vote. com) currently projects a 323- 215 lead for Clinton, with a month to go]


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