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Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

What a wonderful gesture for our local law enforcement. It was good to see all of the positive things our police have been involved with. Enough with the negativity. Good job! [ Editor’s Note: My biggest hope is that many of our local law enforcement folks and their families saw the “ Honoring Our Officers” section and understood that it was done out of appreciation, not only by us here at the paper, but also by all of the many local businesses and individuals who put tributes in the edition. Consider it a “ Thank You!” from the entire county]

*** Wow! Donna Nanney! Very inappropriate letter to the editor coming from a teacher!

[ Editor’s Note: I’m not sure when everyone decided that no one was allowed to have an opinion. While I don’t agree with her statements, I don’t know that “ inappropriate” is accurate either. In any case, since she was willing to sign her name to the letter rather than make an anonymous state-ment, I was perfectly fine letting her have her say]

*** Aspecial Thank You to Sheriff J. Gordon from Dot McKinney and Elleene Holloway. Sheriff Gordon helped us with a flat tire on Hwy. 64, Sept. 20. He stayed with us until help arrived and also helped change the tire. We appreciated it so much. Thanks again Sheriff Gordon. [ Editor’s Note: Based on my context clues, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume this was the work of Crittenden County Sheriff’s Deputy Johnnie Gordon, because based on what little I know of him, this sounds exactly like the sort of thing he would do. Consider your “ thanks” passed on, Mizzes McKinney and Holloway]

*** I can’t believe what I read in Friday’s paper about the lady running for city council. She said in so many words that the system is rigged and that the council should not be all white men and that she is being discriminated against. Well, the “system” worked quite well for her the first time she ran. If I remember correctly she out polled a white man. Tell me, how was that rigged? Discrimination has been watered down so much it has no real meaning any longer. Go ahead and play that card and see what it gets you. [ Editor’s Note: I don’t know about anyone playing any kind of card but I’ve been thinking about this off and on for a few days. On the one hand, voting city- wide does make a candidate accountable to the entire city, which theoretically does sound like a good idea. On the other hand, though, voting by ward gives each district a better chance of electing someone who best represents their specific interests on the city council. Why should voters in, say Ward 1 get to decide who represents the voters in Ward 2, right? Of course it’s just as easy to say, why shouldn’t the voters of the community have a voice in deciding who represents them as a whole?

Maybe this next text will shed a little light on the subject…]

*** Waaa!!! I lost the election! The people have spoken. Sour grapes Ms. Holliman. Every time someone in this community doesn’t win an election or get their way on the ballot they cry about and try to get the rules changed. Face the facts lady. If you had been doing a job that deserved your re-election you would not be sitting on the fence crying discrimination. There is an old saying, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” If you don’t like the results of the peoples ballot. LEAVE TOWN!!! Don’t try to use the word discrimination to get your way. Quite frankly I would have had more respect for you and your position if you had run for the office again and won. THEN worked from inside the system to change it. I’m a Minority myself. A 48 year old employed white male veteran who is sick to death of people trying to force their “I wasn’t able to get my way so you have to change the rules so I can” views on me. Grow up. Life’s tough. Accept the fact that you lost and get on with your life. And if the council has a legal leg to stand on and they cave in to your petty demands to change shame on them. Better than that put the issue to the ballot. If the people want it changed it will be changed. Or will you still cry and claim discrimination then Ms. Holliman?

[ Editor’s Note: Nope, that did not help at all. OK, that’s not entirely true. It did sort of make me wonder what the reaction would be if it were a white man making the suggestion to change the system.

The more I think about it, I wouldn’t want anyone in Fayetteville or Little Rock voting on who my State Representative was. Would you? West Memphis seems to be doing just fine having voters only vote within their wards. Maybe Marion making a change would be in the best interest of the voters.

Or maybe it’s just change for the sake of change, which isn’t always bad either. You invoke the old adage “ If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Who’s to say it ain’t broke?]