Sheriff bemused by ‘The Case of the Stolen Weed’

Sheriff bemused by ‘The Case of the Stolen Weed’

From the ‘ You Can’t Make This Up’ Files In his lengthy career as an agent of justice, Crittenden County Sheriff Mike Allen has no doubt seen some strange things. One recent incident was such that the good sheriff felt obliged to recount the case on social media, giving all of his Facebook friends a chuckle, no doubt.

“I've often been asked why

I'm still in law enforcement and have made this a lifelong profession for the past 36 years,” posted Allen.

“Well, it's days like today.” What had Allen shaking his head?

“A Highland Park resident called the dispatcher today to report a theft and requested a deputy come to his house,” Allen explained. “Upon arriving, the deputy was invited into his house and led into a back room, where the man pulled out a box and told the deputy that someone stole his weed.”

What does one do when faced with such a situation? “The deputy could see marijuana residue in the bottom of the box and a corn cob pipe used to smoke marijuana,” Allen said. “I guess you can figure out the outcome wasn't good.”

The man was charged with misdemeanor drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. As for the reefer bandit?

“He was told that if we found the guy with his weed that he would also be charged,” explained the sheriff. “You can't make this stuff up!”


By Ralph Hardin