Text The Times.

Text The Times.

Vote for Gary Johnson. [ Editor’s Note: I’m all for third- party candidates, but I think Mr. Johnson’s already- struggling campaign might have derailed for good once he could not name a single foreign leader he admired. Now, if you want to look at a guy whose really trying to game the system, check out Evan McMullin’s attempts to become President of Utah]

*** My 9 year old attends Wonder Elementary. Everyday the teacher’s ask that the students read at least 20 minutes a day. Well Monday she chose to read the Times. With this being said she wants to know why is it that Mrs. Turner’s class is always in the paper. Not for just this year. But also last year. I said to her “baby I don’t know. Let’s ask Text The Times”. Lol [ Editor’s Note: That’s pretty awesome. The short answer is that she sends us pictures, so we run them. The longer answer is that if any teacher, parent, student or whoever wants to send us a picture of what they are doing in class, I’ll be happy to run them. I know Billy Woods works for the district ( and Mike Douglas in Marion), but they can’t get to everything, so snap a pic, include a little info, and send it in!]

*** The stealing of Trump signs continues! In fact – increases! I wonder if these thieves realize they are breaking the law? They are stealing private property. Do they think this conduct strengthens their candidate? Or is it simply an indication of the type of person who supports the Democrat candidate? At any rate, it is nothing to be proud of. I would be ashamed of any Republican supporter stealing Hillary signs – that is if you happen to see any. In Charlotte, N.C., a fire bomb was thrown into a Republican headquarters, with a hateful message spray painted on the building. Is this the kind of people we want to encourage? Voters, please don’t be sucked into the liberal vitriol. The issues – the future of this country depends on it! Do we want our country to be respected again in the eyes of the world? Do we want strong law and order and safe, legal immigration? Do we want to make America Great Again! Or do we want more of what we have had the last eight years? Just asking — A concerned citizen. [ Editor’s Note: “ Clever” people who think they are super awesome because they are “ fighting the system” or whatever are just the worst… OK the vandals are worse, I suppose. Anyway, I will still contend that Clinton will win Crittenden County but Trump will win Arkansas, so at least take solace in that as signs continue to disappear. I’ve got to be honest, though, the part of your text that I thought was the best was your dig, “ I would be ashamed of any Republican supporter stealing Hillary signs – that is if you happen to see any”]


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