Quorum Court approves new break room at County Shop

Quorum Court approves new break room at County Shop

Staff ‘ really needs it,’ says JP


County workers in the road department will soon have a place to come in from the cold.

The Quorum Court approved spending up to $15,000 to build a break room at the city shop so workers will have a proper place to warm up in during the winter months and cool off in the summer.

Judge Woody Wheeless told the justices that workers currently use a burn barrel to keep warm during winter.

“When you walk inside the county shop smoke is hanging low because of it,” Wheeless said. “It’s not healthy to breathe in.”

Wheeless said they will be able to put in a real heating system in the new room for about $10,000.

“We are asking if we can build a small break room to be able to put a heater in there so we can eliminate this wood burning stove,” Wheeless said.

Wheeless said he would like to get the break room built within the next month. Justice Lorenzo Parker agreed with the need for a proper break room for workers in the road department.

“I think it really needs it,” Parker said. “And we’re not talking about a terrible amount of money.”

Justice Vickie Robertson made a motion to allow Wheeless to spend up to $15,000 on the room.

On a related matter, Wheeless also told the court that the sides of the metal building are rotted and will need to be replaced as well.

“The skin on that building is probably 50 years old,” Wheeless said. “The insulation is completely off it.”

Wheeless said the building’s frame though, is still in good shape.

“The structure itself — those steel beams and the slab — everything else is still structurally sound,” Wheeless said.

Wheeless said he would like to get some estimates to replace the metal siding and put it in next year’s budget.

“I’m asking you to allow me to reach out to a couple of companies and get some bids to refurbish that building,” Wheeless said.

By Mark Randall