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Text The Times.

I, too, have seen certain principals out in the street… mornings and afternoons directing traffic. They are there to prevent the “major cluster bomb” of students and to assist the crossing guards. These principals are seeing to their top priority, the students’ safety! Can one imagine how many cars are coming and going during the twenty minutes it takes to dismiss over 550 students? What more important issues could a principal see to during dismissal time? I know for a fact these principals know each student by name. It is this kind of administrator I choose for my children. They would certainly be more comfortable sitting in their cozy officers on bad weather days. The fact is what makes their schools the top-notch schools. [ Editor’s Note: This is in response to a text the other day about some of the leadership at some of the local schools. I didn’t really offer much of a response to that one, but this one pretty much covers it, I think]

*** Why aren’t they having Halloween on Saturday this year? Don’t they know that Monday is a school night! Use some common sense!!!

[ Editor’s Note: Well, October 31 is Halloween. To my knowledge, the only time Halloween gets moved is when it falls on a Sunday, which hasn’t happened since 2010, and won’t happen again until 2021. I guess your thinking might be a little fuzzy because Halloween actually was on a Saturday last year, and would have been on a Sunday this year if 2016 hadn’t been a Leap Year. Anyway, it’ll be dark by 6: 00, and that should give all the little ghosts and goblins plenty of candy- collecting time and home in time for bed]

*** The Park In River Trace — It is easy to forget the issues with the park situations in River Trace. But the statement about other kids from Earle, Crawfordsville and other Marion neighborhoods and West Memphis in the parks. Really!! If you can remember the RT park situation during the winter 2015, the heavy snow. The RT parents allowed their kids to ride 4-wheelers all over the subdivision, when their is an ordinance in Marion and across the tracks. But they not only were allowed to ride streets and the park area with 4-wheelers during this time. The parents were all up in the air about fines their kids paid and some had to go to court for this damage. But no other kids from Earle, Crawfordsville and other Marion neighborhoods, and West Memphis were listed as having fines. But where you want to include kids from Earle, Crawfordsville and West Memphis, Give me a break! I can see Marion kids being in park because they do live in Marion. I know it must be difficult and hard to understand to live across the tracks and not have special privilege. [ Editor’s Note: Look, I know some very, very nice people who live in River Trace, but I also know a few who definitely fall into the “ special privilege” crowd. In any event, I also find it a bit silly to suggest that kids from neighboring cities are coming to Marion to visit wonderful, scenic River Trace and trashing the park. I don’t have any proof that they’re not, but I also don’t have any proof that kids from River Trace aren’t going to parks in other communities and trashing their parks, so…]


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