Marion resident says city damaged her driveway

Marion resident says city damaged her driveway

Water Dept. work caused collapse, says Love

Marion may have to fix a resident’s driveway which was damaged as a result of some work the city did to replace a water pipeline.

Janet Love, who lives at 121 Hollie Beth Cove, told the city council that parts her driveway is sinking in an area above where the city dug under to lay the water line.

“They went underneath my driveway to replace some water lines in our cove because I was getting brown water,” Love said.

“When they went under my driveway my driveway has been sinking.”

Love showed the city council pictures and said the water department told her that they did not cause the damage.

“He said it was not his fault,” Love said.

Water Department Manager Jim Shempert said the city bored under Love’s driveway several years ago to replace an old two inch galvanized water line.

“It was the line feeding the cove,” Shempert said.

Shempert said he believes the concrete is the culprit, not the line bore.

“In my opinion, the concrete failed,” Shempert said.

Love said the damage is only in the area where they dug up.

“Well, then the rest of the concrete should have failed,” Love said. “The rest of my driveway is fine.”

Mayor Frank Fogleman told Love that he will go and look at her driveway, but isn’t making any promises until he gets more information.

“I can’t promise you that we will replace it or we won’t replace it,” Fogleman said. “It’s hard for me to see such a large area would be impacted by a two inch bore. I’d certainly be willing to come and take a look at it.”

Councilman Cliff Wood agreed.

“I agree with Frank,” Wood said. “We can’t decide on this now. We need more information.”

Fogleman asked Shempert to go back into the records and find out when the work was done.

“It has been more than ten years — at least,” Shempert said.

“I say we take a look at it,” added Councilman Don Hanks.

By Mark Randall