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Door No. 1, Door No. 2, or Door No. 3?

Judge Thorne plays ‘ Lets Make a Deal’ with driver on restricted license


A man in the Marion District Court on Thursday who pled not guilty to DWI charges was told by Judge Fred Thorne, “Be here for a trial on January 26th. You have to be screened before you leave.”

The next man was back for a review.

“You owe $349. When will he be off probation?”

“June 29,” said the Justice Network representative.

“He has to pay it off before he can get off his probation. Mother, does he still have an attitude?”

“Yes,” she said.

“What would you rate it at now?”

“About a 7 out of 10.”

“I want to see you again on January 19th. I also want to see your grades.

Are they going to be decent? Did you go to jail for one week?”


“Are you working?”

“Yes. I’m looking for a better job.”

“At least you have a job.

Look, I just want you to get out of high school and get a degree. Go to college, so your mother knows that if anything happens to her you can make it on your own. Momma you will never have total peace about your children. See you on the 19th.”

A woman in the courtroom was asked, “Did you do your four hours and drivers school?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Did you pick out a pet to take home?”


“The report says you did a good job and you were very respectful. Are you sure you are from Crittenden County? I will dismiss the charges because you did what you were asked to do.”

To the next mother that came forward with her son, “Did he go to anger management? How is his anger?”

“He is doing good.”

“Do you know who you can thank for that?” (The judge pointed at himself).

A man charged with a DWI pled not guilty.

“You also have a no driver’s license charge. The trial will be January 19th.

You have to be screened before you leave here.

Ma’am is that your fiancée’?”


“Do you know what fiancée means in Arkansas?

That means you go with someone for five to eight years. It used to be first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby carriage. Well that idea has been thrown out the window.”

A woman with a driving on suspended charge pled guilty.

“You put a cash bond.

How long has your license been suspended?”

“One year.”

“Do you work?”

“Yes. I done one day already.”

“$395 plus charges. We will take your fine out of the bond. You will get $55 back. The fine included two days. Since you have done one day the other will be one day house arrest.”

A woman charged with improper child restraint had to be called in from the hall. She had her child with her and children are not allowed in the courtroom.

“How do you plead?”

“Not guilty.”

“I know you. Weren’t you in West Memphis court not long ago? Be back for trial on January 19th. This stuff started with her parents, now it is her.”

A man came forward when his name was called.

“You have a problem sir.

How do you plead to no proof of insurance?”

“No contest.”

“Do you have insurance?”


“Get with the clerk after court about fines you haven’t paid. That will be $50.”

“Where can I get an accident report?”

“At the police department.”

“I didn’t bring any money with me. Can I have some time to make payments?”

“I will give you until January 16th to pay. I should have made you pay the $50. You were mouthing about me while going out the door.”

A man charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice said, “I would like a lawyer.”

“We all would like a lawyer. Who bonded you out?”

“My wife.”

“Do you have a job?”

“No job.”

“How much money does your wife make a week?”


“February 2nd for a trial.

Be back here January 19th and bring your tax returns and I’ll decide then if you get an attorney. Have $100 with you. If you get the public defender it will cost you $100.”

The man left the room, then came back in and sat on the front row.

“What is the problem,” asked Judge Thorne of the bailiff.

“He needs to change the date to be back.”

“Why do you need to change the date?”

“I have another court date on that date.”

A young man was charged with violation of his restricted driver’s license. He pled guilty.

“What did you do to violate your license?”

“I was driving three drunk friends home. They called me from a party and told me they couldn’t drive so I

Judge Fred Thorne was trying to help them.”

“Are your friends here?”


“Did they offer to come?” “No.”

“Who is here with you?”

“My mom.”

“What grade are you in?”


“When do you get your real driver’s license?”

“In a month.”

“Maybe not. What time of night was this?”

“About 1 a.m.”

“Mom did you know he left?”


“What kind of grades do you make?”

“C’s. Average.”

“Okay mother, here’s your choices. Door No. 1, $195 plus court costs and driver’s school. Door No. 2, eight hours community service and driver’s school or Door No. 3, you get a buzz cut and driver’s school.”

“A complete buzz cut?”

asked the young man.

“About like Mr. Donaldson’s hair cut.”

“I’m not paying his $195,” said his mother.

“Which door do you want young man?”

“Eight hours community service and driver’s school.”

“If you have it completed by February 23rd, I’ll keep it off your record. Okay Samson you can go on out.”

A woman who was originally in court for possession had pled not guilty but didn’t show up for trial.

“How do you plead to failure to appear?”

“No contest.”

“Why didn’t you come to court?”

“I forgot.”

“Do you think that is a good excuse? I can put you in jail for a year. $750 plus 10 days jail. Set a new trial date. Appeal bond is $3,500. Arrest her.”

By the Evening Times News Staff