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‘Love is in the Air’

West Memphis Animal Shelter takes part in pet adoption effort

It’s not just a 70’s disco tune!

Loads of love took off from Memphis on Tuesday (Valentines Day, appropriately enough), thanks to the “Love is in the Air” animal rescue projcect.

The effort proved to be a lifeline for hundreds of locally- sheltered animals, flying them off to new homes for adoption.

In all, some 300 dogs and 100 cats were crated up and sent to the Pacific Northwest where new owners eagerly awaited their new four-legged family members.

West Memphis Animal Shelter director Kerry Sneed played a big role in the operation, directing traffic and working with other animal service agencies to get the pooches and kitties loaded. In addition to the West Memphis shelter, other local participating shelters included animal service departments in DeSoto County and Memphis, along with the Tupelo- Lee County Humane Society, Delta Southern Friends, New Beginnings and Roscoe P. Coal Train Community Outreach.

By the Evening Times News Staff