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Cargill addresses crowd at MHS College and Career Readiness Day

Students get valuable tips for continuing education

Marion School District Renowned college and career consultant Chad Cargill was the main speaker at the second-annual Marion High School College and Career Readiness Day in late January.

Student in grades 10-12 packed the Marion Performing Arts Center that morning to listen to Cargill guide them through preparations for taking college entrance exams, how to sharpen their test-taking skills and time-saving measures while taking the exams.

Cargill emphasizes preparation for college entrance exams and to not take the test just one time. While in high school, Cargill said he took the ACT 18 times, raising his score from a 19 to a 32.

Students spent most of the morning in the MPAC listening to and learning from Cargill before meeting with their CAP advisors at 11:30 a.m.

After lunch, students returned to the MPAC to hear representatives from Arkansas State University and heard what the university had to offer prospective students, what scholarships were available and what degrees a student could earn from ASU.

“I hope we can get Cargill to return in 2018,” said Hugh Inman, MSD’s Director to Secondary Education. Inman said staffers conducted a survey with teachers and students to determine areas could be improved.

“We will try to get more universities, professors and professionals from other areas to speak next year,” Inman said. “We are paying attention and trying to improve what we do. With feedback from the students and teachers, we can get better in other areas.”

During last year’s College and Career Day and following Cargill’s lecture, students went to breakout sessions with varied university representatives. The feature was not part of this year’s event since it was not as effective as the administration has wished.

“Maybe we can do it earlier next year. A lot of seniors take the ACT in October and that is the last test (for them),” Inman said. “If we do this earlier in the year, I believe it will help and have more of an impact on the seniors.”

By Mike Douglas