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Here’s what everyone is talking about this week:

Guess I’m a little slow about noticing changes, but when did the name of the West Memphis paper change from Evening Times to just Times? [ Editor’s Note: OK, so here’s the deal.

Several years ago, we switched from an afternoon priniting time to a morning printing time, and with that switch, the paper was being delivered in mid- day rather than the late afternoon. So, calling it “ The Evening Times” became a bit of a misnomer, and thus the paper officially became “ The Times.” Funny thing is, though, once you establish a brand in a community, it can be a little hard to disassociate from that brand, so most folks still think of us as the Evening Times. It doesn’t really clear up the matter when our web address is www. theeveningtimes. com, our main e- mail i s news@ theeveningtimes. com , and I can’t stop calling the paper the Evening Times, so I can understand your confusion. So, whatever you want to call us, just keep reading!]

*** I read the results of the Earle’s mayoral race today and I implore the citizens of Earle too be very cautious about how they vote on April 4th, because the future of there city is at stake. In making your decision consider do you go with the unknown someone who has prove success in business or someone that now proposes great great things for the city yet had a little over twenty years with very little improvement whatsoever, also I want to add this is not an endorsement for either candidate just my honest assessment of the candidate’s too chose from. [ Editor’s Note: I don’t know either of the two “ finalists” in the runoff personally, so I can’t weigh in on either one, but just the fact that Ms. Wiley and Mr. Smith were the two clear favorites with voters in a crowded field of seven candidates says to me that they have a good deal of support in the community. With that in mind, I, like you, want every voter in Earle to take this opportunity to consider the candidates, go to the polls, and cast their ballots. This is an opportunity to “ reboot” the city’s leadership after a tumultuous couple of years, and I hope citizens take advantage of the chance]

*** FOSTER RASH, that man is a leader! He was always good to me, even though I didn’t work under his department. He is well respected by me and all that knows him. We will miss you praying mantis. I hope that million dollar ladder truck gets you to the gym on time. [ Editor’s Note: Praying mantis… Ha! But yes, let everyone here at the Times join in and offer congrats on your retirement, Mr. Rash. I don’t know him incredibly well, but I know his family and every time I’ve needed to speak with him about something for the paper, he’s always been very courteous and knowledgeable. I’m sure they’ll miss him over at the Utility Department. With all the recent retirements and such over there, it looks like a new generation is emerging at the West Memphis Utility Department, but I’m sure the city will be in good hands]

*** Great story about Mister Robert and the daycare kids with the comic book store. I just hope they get enough business to stay open. [ Editor’s Note: Those guys are pretty business savvy, and they do a lot of their business online, so getting actual foot traffic in the door may not be the difference between success and failure. Having said that, if you’re into that sort of thing, the place is just chock full of cool super- hero and scifi/ fantasy stuff and I highly recommend checking them out]