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Text The Times.

To reply about the street lights in marion, i e-mailed entergy light was fixed. [ Editor’s Note: This is one of those rare but wonderful times where I feel some good has come from all this Text the Times business… I don’t know if this text is from the same person as the one below, but they are related, and I think this is going to be very helpful for some folks]

*** To the people who worry about the dark street lights in Marion… THE LIGHTS are owned by Entergy….The City of Marion owns no street lights. [ Editor’s Note: What an interesting bit of information! I’ll go a step further and add that upon an investigation into this matter, I discovered a form online wherein you can report a street light in need of repair. It’s: https:// secure. entergy. com/ forms/ StreetLight s. aspx? FormId= 132& RegionId= AR. I know that’s a handful to type, but if you’re concerned about a light in your neighborhood, it’s probably worth the effort]

*** Glad to see some coverage of blue devils baseball team. But as usual the same players pictures get in paper. Just like last year… I guess the person covering it knows certain players really well. Bc it’s the same 3 or 4 players all the time. There’s been game pictures in paper 2 times so far this season. And one player was in there both times. Just like they are taught… it takes more than one person to make a team. There’s 8 other players on that field. It takes all 9 of them to win or lose a game. Give others a little glory too! And don’t forget the JV team would like some recognition too! [ Editor’s Note: OK, so I’ll readily admit to not being a sports reporter, but I know baseball, and I’ve taken more than my share of baseball pictures. While there are nine players on the field, 90 percent of the action during a game takes place on the pitcher’s mound or at home plate, so 90 percent of the photo opportunities are going to take place there as well. Being able to anticipate a play being made anywhere else, being able to frame it, focus on the shot, and then have it turn out “ newspaper worthy” is in no way as simple as saying “ Oh, I need to get an action shot of the short- stop.” I know I’ve said this before, but you might take 50 pictures to get four or five good ones, and even then, you’ve only got room for one or two on the Sports Page on a given day. Anyway, it’s early in the season, so hopefully everyone’s contributions will be highlighted along the way]


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