WM to spend half-million dollars to paint water tower — no, not that one

WM to spend half-million dollars to paint water tower — no, not that one

25- year- old million- gallon tank to get a fresh coat


Water towers — it’s what is in all the news in West Memphis. During the April meeting, utilities commissioners chose the low bidder to paint the Mid-America water tower inside and out. The million gallon water tank rises over Family Dollar Distribution, FedEx and Sediver in the industrial park north of I-40 and east of College Blvd.

Water and Sewer Engineer Amanda Hicks briefed commissioners prior to them awarding the bid for the tank rehabilitation. The bids range varied almost half a million dollars. One out-of-town company bid over just a million dollars and another bid in the $900,000 range. The bid was awarded to an Arkansas contractor that had successfully completed tank paint projects for the city.

Work is set for the fall and necessary to keep the water clean.

“We will take that tank out of commission,” said Hicks. “We will get the old paint off the inside and the outside. This is required of us to keep it sanitary. It was inspected in 2013 and has not been painted since it was constructed in 1992.’ City Council liaison councilman Wayne Croom wondered about the details.

“You are talking about taking that water tower out of commission,” noted Croom. “How do you provide for the customers out there, is there a bypass?”

“There is really no water tank that supplies just one area,” replied Hicks. “I will be in touch with Family Dollar, which keeps 300,000 gallons dedicated to fire protection. I will coordinate with them. We have not set the date for taking it out. It definitely won’t be during the summer.”

By John Rech