Delta Market back in business for 2017

Delta Market back in business for 2017

Food, arts & crafts, more for shoppers The Delta Market is back. A handful of vendors lined the north lot at ASUMid South and were happy for every bit of business they had on the hot Tuesday afternoon. Shoppers milled from booth to booth visiting the baker and the candlestick maker (the butcher was unavailable). An artist, a craft maker and a fitness guru and a food truck rounded out the May market.

The Delta Market has changed days, time and places and months of operations in the last three years. Promotion for the market shifted from the West Memphis Chamber of Commerce to the kitchen incubator at the community college. This year the market will make the most of sales opportunities on a mid-week day and in mid-afternoon heat running through October.

One entrepreneur capitalized on the incubator to develop a line of sauces and seized the Delta Market opportunity to offer taste samples and sell some BBQ sauce. Pete Grumbles of Delta Funk BBQ created the menu running from a vegan approved super sweet “Summer Peach” concoction all the way to a bold and fiery “Hotter than Funk.”

Of the sweet sauce the self proclaimed “BBQ Funkoligist” had a good report.

“I just came from selling some to a restaurant in Mississippi, he said it was the best sauce he ever tasted,” said Grumbles.

Taste and see all the goodness at the Delta Market from 3 to 7 p.m. on third Tuesday each month at the north campus at ASU-Mid South through October.

Look for the Market again on June 20.

By John Rech