‘I am my Little Sister’s Keeper’

WMSD recognizes faculty, staff at year-end gathering

Awards issued, retire-ments announced

WM School District The West Memphis School District recently moved toward wrapping up the 2016-17 school year with its annual Teacher Awards Day.

Individual schools' teachers of the year were announced as well as 10 teachers and administrators who have announced their retirements.

The teachers of the year at the individual schools included Marissa Selden at Bragg Elementary, Tara Sage at Faulk Elementary, Carol Shepard at L.R. Jackson Elementary, Pamela King at Maddux, Amanda Webb at Richland Elementary, Donna Coats at Weaver Elementary, Kimberly Ivey at Wonder Elementary, Jerremy Small at East Junior High, Amber Heigle at West Junior High, Chiquita Riley at Wonder Junior High and Timothy Crowder at the Academies of West Memphis.

The district's teacher of the year in 2016-17 was Cherilyn Minnis of the Academies of West Memphis.

She was also the regional teacher of the year and a state finalist for teacher of the year.

The 10 teachers or administrators who will retire at the end of the school year include Dena Bradway with 15 years at AWM, Sage with 19 years at Faulk, Ora Hale with 21 years at East Junior High, Earnestine Campbell with 21 years at Wonder Elementary, Julia Killmar with 32 years at Faulk, Ruby McFarland with 32 years at Richland, Ron Gean with 32 years at AWM, Natalie Gunter with 39 years at Faulk and Carol Pedigo with 39 years at Maddux.

Also recognized by Sandy Kozik as Delta Arts Imaginative Teachers of the Year were Tonya Chappel of Wonder Elementary and Debbie Sellers of L.R.

Jackson Elementary.

The district also recognized classified employees who have announced their retirements. It includes Evelyn Wilson with 11 years at L.R. Jackson, Linda Lumpkin with 16 years at Maddux Elementary, Louella Henderson and Sammie Love with 17 years each at East Junior High, Patricia Toles with 20 years at Wonder Junior High, Magnolia Ross with 23 years at Maddux Elementary, Marleta Beech with 25 years at Maddux Elementary, Earlean Williams with 28 years at Wonder Elementary, Pat Weaver with 28 years as a cafeteria worker. Gwendolyn Pope with 34 years at Jackson, Dorothy Eason with 37 years at Faulk, Glenda Henley with 38 years at Richland, Deborah Reynolds with 40 years at L.R. Jackson, Shirley Brown with 40 years at AWM, Audrey Stinson with 42 years at the Learning Center and Betty Tate with 43 years at East Junior High.

By Billy Woods