Hughes/Horseshoe Lake News

Hughes/Horseshoe Lake News

Youth Gardens

The Horseshoe Lake Youth Garden Group, which is sponsored by the Hughes Town & Country Garden Club spent time last week, identifying their plants in their designated tires and making markers for their plants. They also planted some more herbs. This year they are trying companion planting and putting basil with the tomatoes, mixing their choices with different perennials and some herbs. They also had a sign-up sheet for watering schedule, for the month of June.


Woolfolk Library Program

The Margaret Woolfolk Library in Marion has a reading program on Tuesday mornings for children. They have been preparing an area for a butterfly garden to be put in. On June 6, the youths visiting the Library, got a chance to dig a hole and plant at least one plant in the Butterfly Garden. They were assisted by the Junior Master Gardener’s and three of the Crittenden County Master Gardener’s. There were many type plants and herbs that attract different type butterflies planted and there are markers identifying each. ***

Town Meeting

Report from Water Operator, Rick Scarbrough water pressure has been good. The sewer stations on Horseshoe Point are having some problems since there is more usage on that street now. He also stated it was time to pump out at the Surf Club and Gin again. Report from Fire Chief Thomen was their finishing with the top on the new boat and hope to have it out by July 1st. He also stated that the county would be coming out to cut limbs on Bass Rd. so large trucks like Entergy and the Fire Truck could get down the road. Council asked if mosquito spraying had started, Chief Thomen said he was waiting on them, there is chemical already and they will start spraying. No report from Code Enforcement Officer, Vince McDermott, since he was absent. The new flag that Mr. Kendall donated to City Hall has been hung. There was discussion on the written findings/recommendations of the audit. Council also had discussion with citizens from the floor on some of their concerns: 1) Some senior citizens were upset about the Town Clean-Up and having items ready for pick-up and were not picked up since dumpsters were already full less than 24 hours after the arrival of dumpsters. 2) On Lakeview Dr. there is a lot that is holding three pontoon boats on it, which are not the lot owner boats, he agreed to remove the one in the front yard, immediately. 3) On Horseshoe Circle one homeowner had sewage back up in their home, after he found the problem, it turns out their home was not properly hooked up to the town system. This case will be going into litigation. 4) On Lakeview Dr. there is a tree on the City’s easement, the citizen asked if the city would remove the tree before it falls on her fence. A motion was made to remove the tree, but died due to a lack of a second. 5) At the end of town near the Gin, the Horseshoe Lake population sign needs some repairs and Deanna is to check with the State on that and possibly moving the 35 m.p.h. sign outside the city limits. 6) The new location of Horseshoe Lake Baptist Church on Lake Estates Dr. will have a work order to be written to replace the valve by the water meter and Council voted in favor of deducting and waiving the fee for the new church sign that will replace the old sign. 7) Alderman Siders noted that they were just about through with the red tape on the Park Grant and only needed one more signature from Little Rock, and should be able to proceed after that. 8) Mayor Kee asked if anyone would like to go and accept the 4 Star Municipal Award on June 14, council was told it would be sent to them if no one goes to accept. ***

Hughes United Methodist Church Acknowledgments

June 9th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Dylan Rick Funderburg and Hampton Bernard.

June 10th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Cecil Brown. In Memory: Bill Sherman.

June 11th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Nancy Beggs, Maggie Weatherford, Bentley Burris and Lacie Burch. In Memory: Charles Adams, Sr.

June 12th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Lynn Kee, Martha M. Goodbar, Alexander Dodd Nelson, Razz Jordan, Charli West and Bentlee Ira Gage.

June 13th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Alanna Hillis and George Chamness, Jr. Happy Anniversary to: Tyler & Hannah Greve and Will & Leah Simpson. In Memory: Mary Jo Oswalt.

June 14th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Shawn Bentley and Jennifer E. Harrison.

June 15th – Happy Birthday Wishes to: Joseph Andrew Simmons, Bill Benton and Drake Owen Pouncey.


Rogation Sunday

On June 4th the Hughes United Methodist Church held Rogation Sunday at the home of Pat and Nancy Bonds on Bream Rd. During the service presided by Fred Bollinger, the musical talents of the Hughes United Methodist Choir and special guests: Lisa and Rene Adams from West Memphis and Janice Peterson from Madison United Methodist Church were heard. There was an estimated 100 people in attendance for the casual service which followed with a catered fish lunch.


Master Gardeners

At the Crittenden County Master Gardener, monthly meeting there will be a special guest speaker: Janet Carson, Extension Horticulture Specialist U of A Division of Agriculture. Those that are interested in becoming a Master Gardener are invited to attend on June 13, at 6 p.m. at the Marion First Baptist Church on Hwy. 77.


Calendar of Events June 9th-11th

Free Fishing Weekend begins at Noon on the 9th

and ends Sunday, June 11th.

June 10th

Belmont Races!

June 11th

Mass, 7:30 a.m., St. Mary’s of the Lake Catholic Church.

Sunday School, 10 a.m., Worship Service, 11 a.m., Horseshoe Lake Baptist Church.

Worship Service, 11 a.m., Hughes United Methodist Church.

June 12th

Hughes Rotary meets, 6:30 p.m.

Hughes Town Meeting, 7 p.m., Community Service.

June 13th

Zumba class, 8 a.m., Surf Club Building.

June 14th

Flag Day!

Horseshoe Lake Youth Garden Group, meets, 4:30 p.m., Weather permitting, Horseshoe Lake Library.

June 15th

Zumba Class, 8 a.m., Surf Club Building.

Hughes Fire Dept. meets, 7 p.m., Fire Station on Blackwood.

June 16th

Hughes Town & Country Garden Club and other interested gardeners field trip to Wilson. Bus leaves promptly at 9 a.m., from Cracker Barrel, West Memphis.

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By Holly Bacon