Still waiting on replacement for failed Obamacare

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Still waiting on replacement for failed Obamacare

One of the privileges we have in this country is our right to peacefully protest without repercussions but, it never ceases to amaze us when such gathering occur, as was the case the other day in Little Rock, where scores of uninformed people objected to a Senate Republican health care bill they know very little about.

Not only were protesters in Little Rock but also Jonesboro and Springdale holding signs, singing, chanting and telling stories about how this health care bill they know absolutely nothing about will prevent them from health care they claim they deserve.

For instance, one protester made a point of telling anyone who would listen that he expects free health care to take care of his doctor visits and free drugs for his high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.

One woman was heard making the ignorant statement that what Republicans are trying to do with health care will negatively impact every Arkansans. The question the media should have asked this protester was how, exactly, will this bill impact her health care? She should have been asked to give specifics as to how she would become a victim, kicked off Medicaid subsidies and left without any health care coverage.

There is an attitude in this country that government should be required to provide everything from free health care, free housing, free food stamps, free cell phones and every other convenience of life.

There are currently over 300,000 Arkansans taking advantage of this state’s form of this failed Obamacare. Keep in mind that the total population is about 3 million.

Among the self-serving groups instigating these protests were the radical disability rights group Arkansas ADAPT, Planned Parenthood Great Plains, Arkansas Community Organizations and local chapters of Indivisible, which was specifically formed to oppose any and all of President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Any intelligent person should realize that before any major changes are made regarding health care reform not any single proposed initiative will escape close scrutiny, and in fact, many necessary amendments will be made to assure every concern will be adequately addressed.

Let’s make it vividly clear that no politician will jeopardize his or her political careers on health care legislation that will negatively impact the lives of their constituents.

One issue Gov. Asa Hutchinson has with current proposed legislation is preserving more federal support for the state’s Medicaid program as well as other subsidies that target the state’s poor people.

That is certainly a legitimate concern in light of the fact that if federal funding for states is eliminated it would cause serious financial hardships on state’s like Arkansas that already spends billions of dollars annually on government subsidies for the less fortunate.

Nevertheless, these extremists need to accept the fact that this disastrous Obamacare has failed and it is absolutely critical that it is abolished, seriously overhauled or replaced, plain and simple.