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New rocked parking lot on South Front in the hot redevelopment district in Memphis across from the all new Dominick's microbrewery next to the World Famous Gus's Fried Chicken landmark. But that Chicken wouldn't fly in WM. [ Editor’s Note: I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating… I’m not suggesting that the city planning department simply turn a blind eye and let anyone do whatever they want as long as it’s new business or more tax revenue, but it does seem, at least at times, that city offi-cials are taking more of an adversarial stance rather than a cooperative stance when it comes to someone trying to open, expand or grow a business. That’s not 100 percent true 100 percent of the time, obviously, but it certainly does seem that way on occasion]

*** Dear West Memphis and Marion Business Community, Forever now, we have heard how our area is “so awful” as far as customer service and the terrible attitudes that so many of our citizens have. This has been one of many factors that contribute to our non-growth, as a thriving business community. So here are some thoughts: First off, it is an owner’s and/or manager’s responsibility to set an example of how you want your employees to treat the guests in your establishment. If you, and an owner, are not really into dealing with the public, find a manger who is and stay behind the scenes handling the books.

Second, STOP HIRING PEOPLE JUST TO FILL A SPOT. It is an owner’s and/or manager’s job to hire the best people, possible, to deal with your guests. Not all people are customer service oriented, yet may still be a good worker. Those people belong in the “back” stocking or doing something other than dealing with the guests, one on one, in your establishment.

Third, if you hire someone who you know is a good person but maybe their home training is less than desirable as far as being taught how to deal with people respectfully and properly, it is again, your job to train, teach or mentor that person to be a champion of your company. Your employees should be able to dress appropriately, speak clearly and have some enthusiasm regarding your products.

Lastly, your business depends on the citizens of the community. If you want more money flowing into your shop or restaurant, make the necessary changes to retain your customer base. Otherwise, people like me and many others will continue to go over the bridge to shop and eat. If you are unsure of what to do to make your business better, be humble and reach out to successful ones or hire companies/individuals to “secret shop” your place to find the bad seeds. Do yourself a favor do all of us a favor, and give us a great experience when we visit your shop or restaurant. Good service shouldn’t be considered excellent service because people are so used to bad service.

Respectfully, Your Money Spending Community.

[ Editor’s Note: I was going to format this as a Letter to the Editor, but I don’t respond directly to those, and usually require a name to go with it. But you bring up many valid points here. I was just discussing the other day with a coworker about how many jobs are in the service industry. I said 70 percent, but this text prompted me to look it up, and it turns out I was wrong… it’s actually 80 There are 20 of you in this class. That means that, statistically, all but four of you will have a career in the service industry. And there’s nothing wrong with that. What is wrong, is not preparing young adults for those careers, treating service workers like secondclass citizens, and employers being unwilling to take the time to train employees. There are about 60,000 people in Crittenden County. That means about 48,000 potential service industry employees. Are we raising up our children in a way that will teach them the “ people skills” many of them will need later in life? And I don’t just mean in the workplace. Those skills will actually come in handy in many facets of life]

*** Regarding the potential Marijuana dispensary in Turrell – who will provide security on premises?

[ Editor’s Note: Are you suggesting that a facility full of marijuana would need some sort of security? I sure hope the folks in charge of this program have thought of that. I feel like you shouldn’t worry. It’s apparently not a problem. You never hear about marijuana theft. No one ever calls the police and says, “ Somebody stole my weed!”]

*** WHAT HAPPENED TO MARIONS athletic director Mr. Johnson? He was fantastic!!

[ Editor’s Note: Paul Johnston has taken over as the Marion High School Principal. A lot of new faces in the Marion school administration and coaching staffs this year. Go Patriots!]

“ Look around.

percent!!! Think about that for a minute. That means eight out of every 10 jobs involve providing service to other people. Tell that to a group of middle school students…


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