New ‘Move to Marion’ brochures a hit with visitors

New ‘Move to Marion’ brochures a hit with visitors

New city guides, brochures aimed at bringing families into community

The Marion city guides and ‘Move to Marion’ brochures are flying off the shelves so fast that the city is ordering a thousand more.

“We printed 500 of these back in May and we are out,” said Marion Chamber of Commerce Vice-president Tracy Brick. “The (Arkansas) Welcome Center are just eating these things up.”

The city’s Advertising and Promotions Commission gave Brick the go ahead to print another 1,000 city guides.

On a related matter, Brick told the A& P Commission that although they budgeted $25,000 to ASU Mid-South for the ‘Move to Marion’ ad campaign, it only ended up costing $20,500.

She received authorization to apply the remaining $4,500 to print at least another 1,000 ‘Move to Marion’ brochures.

“The last time we met I did a $1,000 request for printing,” Brick said. “And we were able to print 1,000 of these. So it was our first run. But I figure we will go through them very quickly.”

The full color brochure touts Marion’s proximity to downtown Memphis and big city amenities, as well as the city’s community spirit and small town feel.

“Where else can you enjoy five star dining and accommodations within a ten minute drive and be back home to tuck the kids in bed just as the sun sets,” the brochure touts. “Marion is the center of living.

Come see us, and you’ll understand why.”

The brochure also highlights the city’s award-winning school district, charming neighborhoods, and quality of life.

“Our neighbors are more than just neighbors — they’re family,” the brochure proclaims.

A& P Commission member Mary Singer, who owns Funkee’s cafe, said she was pleased with how the brochure turned out.

“It looks nice,” Singer said. “I like the way they honor the schools.”

Also, Brick said as part of their retail promotion campaign,

the Chamber is planning to run ads on

Memphis radio station KWAM-AM 990.

“It’s the radio station that does the Earle Farrell show and Marybeth Conley show,” Brick said. “They do these spotlights on small communities.”

Brick said the station will feature Marion and local businesses for an entire week, ending with a live broadcast from Marion.

“We’ll be able to go out to our retailers and they can put a commercial on the air,” Brick said. “They will come here on site Friday.

Earle Farrell comes and does his broadcast here for three hours. People can come in and do live interviews with him.”

The ad spots will run the week of November 11 which will help promote the Christmas open houses.

“What we will do that whole week is push Christmas open house, Christmas shopping, and culminate almost with a business after hours of just a little gathering of people doing their interviews, maybe at Funkee’s.”

By Mark Randall