Need a gunsmith?

Need a gunsmith?

Times Outdoors Columnist One of the most frequent questions I am asked is “do we have a gunsmith and where is he located?”

All hunters and shooters occasionally need someone to work on a gun. Most of us can take a gun apart and do a decent job of cleaning with a rod and some gun solvent. The problem occurs when something breaks and a new part is required, and even when the gun has to be totally taken apart and really cleaned. We lost the two local gunsmiths earlier in the year, so I have been on the lookout for someone that is close and really knows his business. There are some good gun men in Memphis with Keith Warner out at Germantown being the best. He and Dr.

Keith use to shoot trap when they were much younger. The only problem is he is all the way out Poplar at Germantown and that is at least 45 minutes or an hour fighting traffic to get there. Time to find someone closer that still knows his business.

Gene Smith at Forest City Firearms is the answer to our gun problems. Gene has been at the same location for 14 years at 106 N.

Washington St. in Forest City. He is in his early 60s and has many years of experience. He will work on all kinds of guns but dislikes ”junk” guns like Saturday Night specials.

The basic cleaning involves completely taking the gun apart and checking for potential problems for $50, with any replacement parts extra and then test firing it. It’s ready to go hunting.

Gene sells several brands of rifle scopes like Leupold, Bushnell, Weaver, and Redfield and he mounts the scope and bore sites it at no cost. If the scope is purchased elsewhere, he charges $25 to mount it and $10 to bore site. He recommends Hawke scopes that he said have the quality of Leupold at the cost. Smith drills and taps shotguns for scopes.

He sells field glasses like Bushnell and other top line binoculars, also muzzle brakes, and choke tubes. If the gun needs refinishing he recommends Cerekote, which is a baked on finish that is rust proof. The store sells shooting accessories including targets, slings, and recoil pads. Muzzle loading supplies like bullets, powder, and primers are available along with the newest in muzzle loading rifles.

Gene says he sells everything the “big” stores have at a much more reasonable price. He charges $25 for gun transfers. When a pistol is bought out of state, it must be registered in Arkansas. He also trades for guns. Gene makes duck calls, both wood and acrylic called Langulle Calls. They are single reed and the cost ranges from $100 to $175, which includes custom tuning.

Forest City Firearms is located at 106 N.

Washington in Forest City.

The phone is 870-6303777 or 870-630-7535.

The e-mail is

Gene says to call him if you have any questions.

He has customers from over all the state. He will be doing all my gun work.

He is time wise quicker than driving to Memphis, especially if the bridge is closed. The store is closed on Sunday and Monday.

Deer archery season opened on Saturday Sept.

23, 2017 and I have not received any stories or pictures of deer being taken.

The hunters have complained about snakes, mosquitoes, poison ivy, and worst of all, wasps in tree stands. With this heat, expect problems while trying to fill that tag.

This last week of 90 degree temperatures has really slowed down the local fishing. The cool weather we enjoyed worked up the fish, but they have almost quit biting now. If you are having good luck catching fish, please let me know and send some pictures.

Local fishermen Tommy Gaspard and Dr. Brian Rhodes just returned from the Seally Outdoors Big Bass Splash 3 day big money tournament at Lake Fork Texas that attracted 2300 boats. Each day fish catch is separate for the biggest fish caught. The big winner won a bass boat, a pickup truck, and $7,000 in prize money with a bass that weighed 10.75 pounds. The tournament paid 5 places. The entry fee was $80 for each day and there $475,000 prize money given away. A unique feature is if a bass weighing exactly 2.5 pounds is weighed in, it was worth $5,000. One was caught. This is an annual event and the proceeds go to St. Jude.

Hunting season is getting started and that young hunter really wants to go with you. Do both of you a favor and take that kid.

Make some lifetime memories. Bring those trophies to Lakeside Taxidermy. We offer quality mounts at a reasonable price and quick service.

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By John Criner