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Text The Times.

I wish I could get my hands on the entire fiscal year state budget proposal. I am sure I could make enough cuts in it without cutting police and fire services or any other necessary functions.

[ Editor’s Note: Oh, sure, you could make the cuts. I could make the cuts. Just about anyone with a calculator could. But just because you think something isn’t worth funding, doesn’t mean it’s not. That’s just how representative government works. Like the other day, someone told me they voted against the school millage. And while that’s certainly their prerogative, I couldn’t imagine voting against a measure that would take money out of the public school system. It’s all about what we think is most important, I suppose]

*** Whoever the railroad company contracted out to do the railroad crossing renovations around here needs to get out and finish the job. At several of these crossings, there is asphalt higher than the rails and it is all very uneven and hard to drive across. In some places you almost have to stop or you’re going to shake something loose. I don’t understand how they could look at it and think you were finished. It just needs to be grinded or cut down or however you smooth it out. Why is there even asphalt between the rails? Is it to keep the rocks out? It’s dangerous and an inconvenience. [ Editor’s Note: As someone who crosses a couple of these crossings at least twice a day, I’m on your side. I’m willing to admit that as this gumbo we live on shifts over the course of time, you can blame some of it on that, but you’re right. There are several crossings that are flat out hazardous. The one on Midel Marconi in Marion immediately springs to mind. Not only are the tracks at slightly elevations ( there are two sets of tracks) but also the pavement on either side and in the middle is uneven.

Maybe it’s supposed to be some kind of speed bump?]


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