‘ I’ve got all my sisters with me…’

‘ I’ve got all my sisters with me…’

Ladies get together for rare convergence of five sisters

ralphhardin@gmail.com Family ties are the strongest bonds, and for five West Memphis sisters, it’s a tradition that is threequarters of a century strong.

The five sisters came together once again this past weekend at the South Roselawn home of “baby” sister Bobbie Gatewood for a family gathering.

These days, the sisters’ ages range from ages 74 through 86, and though they are getting up there in terms of years, they always enjoy the rare opportunity to get the whole crew together.

Doris Sutton and Bobbie Gatewood both still reside in West Memphis, while Joy Murphy is living out in Crawfordsville these days.

Sister Evelyn Ward lives a little further up the road in Blytheville, while the farthest flung sibling, Joann Driver, hangs her hat way out west in Phoenix, Arizona.

Since leaving home as children, they relish every opportunity to get everyone under one roof. The girls came together Friday night for a pajama party and sleepover. A big time was had by all, and although they’ve gone their separate ways, they’re already looking forward to next year, when they can come together once again, with the Good Lord willing.

By Ralph Hardin