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Arkansas is the land of opportunity and a natural state. West Memphis and Crittenden county along with Marion “the county seat” and other cities in the county have lots of opportunities to become. If you want to live here and grow up here, raise children, be peaceful and fulfill your lives, this place has the opportunity, it’s up to the citizens to want that. This area can be fruitful for all. Lets start now. [ Editor’s Note: Let’s do it! Just let us know how]

*** I just came across the Memphis Arkansas Bridge tonight. I was very disturbed that pedestrian-bicycle is taken care of but there were hardly any functioning street lights on the bridge or the access. Who is the responsible party for our state’s side?

[ Editor’s Note: The State of Arkansas and the State of Tennessee share joint ownership of the bridge. You’re right in that it is not very well lit, especially compared to the Big River Crossing and the Hernando DeSoto Bridge. On this side of the Mississippi, the Arkansas Department of Transportation is the agency in charge of the maintenance of the bridge. The lights, however, would likely fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Highway Administration]

*** When is “Hogs on the Square” In the Marion Ledger one page said October 24 and another page said October 14. Which is the right date?

[ Editor’s Note: Sorry for any confusion. The 24th is a Tuesday, so you could probably see how that would be an odd day for a college football game. Maybe it’s an elaborate ruse on the part of the Razorbacks to trick Alabama into thinking the game is actually on the 24th so the Crimson Tide wouldn’t show up to the game on the 14th? In any event, “ Hogs on the Square” is, indeed, on the 14th ( this Saturday). Just don’t tell Alabama, just in case]

*** Just seeing what you can find out about that eyesore of an abandoned gas station that sits on the corner of the interstate by Angelos Grove. Looks like they are working hard at making that area nice, and the owner of that gas station should either reopen or tear it down. [ Editor’s Note: What would you like to find out? It’s definitely an eyesore. I actually can’t believe that location and the one on the other side of I- 55 where the old Mapco station used to be are vacant. Those are ridiculously prime locations right next to an on ramp and an off ramp. How someone hasn’t taken the initiative to put something there is beyond me]

*** Tuesday night Grandparents enjoying soccer game at complex between 8 and 12 year old. The coach of certainly team is a pastor at local church. He was rude. Screaming at these kids. We all were shocked you could hear him across the field.

[ Editor’s Note: Having been coached and having been a coach, I’m going to come down on the coach’s side on this one… unless by “ being rude” you mean bullying or using profanity or something like that. And I’m just going to add that being “ a pastor” has nothing to be with being “ a coach.” I assure you I don’t talk to someone who comes into my office at the newspaper the same way I would talk to a player on my daughter’s softball team if she wasn’t doing what she needed to do out on the field. If by “ screaming” you mean “ talking loudly in a stern tone,” well that’s just how many coaches do it. If by “ screaming” you mean things like “ you suck!” or “ you’re embarrassing yourself and your entire family!” that’s something else entirely]

*** Glad to see all the “blue” on the front page. [ Editor’s Note: I’m guessing you mean all of the local police department’s recent hard work. If so, then let me just say I’m glad to do it. If not, then maybe you’re confusing blue with pink… we have, after all, been using our “ pink ribbon” Times logo all month long]


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