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Our View

Earle on the right track with new community group

We’ve got to hand it to Earle Mayor Sherman Smith for actually bringing the citizens of this once thriving community together, getting them involved, and actually leading an effort to make this city everyone will be proud to call their home.

Since becoming mayor following a vote to oust his predecessor, Carolyn Jones several months ago, Smith has managed to instill public confidence by showing the citizens they can have a much better city government.

Jones has demonstrated that he not only talks the talk but walks the walk when it comes to rebuilding a city that has been the focal point of controversy and public embarrassment due to absolutely deplorable political leadership.

One of Smith’s latest endeavors is the formation of a volunteer committee that has attracted the attention of almost 20 residents that Smith says will take an active role in cleaning up the blighted areas of the city.

Smith is hoping that once residents see these initial volunteers actually taking to the streets and making a visual difference other residents will join in to help improve the public image of their city.

During a recent community development public meeting Smith handed out copies of his strategic plan and offered residents a chance to serve on a variety of committees focused on areas such as housing, economic development, boosting tourism, improving infrastructure, recreation and seeking out grant funding.

There is little doubt that this is an ambitious plan but with the support from as many concerned Earle residents as possible there is no doubt this city with a population of just less than 2,500 residents can and meet the challenge.

It appears from the initial citizen response is on cleaning up their city, making the appearance a priority and addressing dilapidated homes.

We would think one of the first priorities would be to address the appearance and from there focus on bringing in potential investors as well as prospective newcomers.

It is also important in order to attract the attention of prospective newcomers it will necessary to show that progress is being made to improve quality of life issues such as governmental services, municipal parks and community programs.

The challenges Earle faces can be met with positive results as long as the citizens of this city come together with a commitment to see this through.

Until now, Smith says all he has heard is complaints from citizens about the condition of their city and now that there is a definite plan in place we would expect a teamwork attitude to get things done.

As Smith pointed out, until the citizens take an active role in cleaning up their city there will be no one with a desire to invest willing to even consider Earle as a location.

We would suggest that while the citizens move to improve the image of their city that Smith put together a solid economic team comprised of local leaders.

It will be their responsibility to seek out and showcase their city to business investors and to convince them Earle has all the necessary ingredients for them to make a profit.

There is no doubt that Mayor Smith is on the right track and we certainly wish him the best in his endeavors to make Earle great again.