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Text The Times.

I want to talk about the football coach at Wonder Junior High School who never plays over 13 players even though they’re in the mercy rule he will not give other kids the opportunity to play I think he should reward the kids who are in practice every day working hard hard as the ones that play and teach the kids how to play the game win or lose or draw all the kids have to run and do everything in practice I think all the kids should play. [ Editor’s Note: So, I’ve got two ways of looking at youth sports. If we’re talking about boys club ball or MYSA or something like that, those kids are playing in a recreational league and their parents all paid their money to play and it’s important to give each player their share of playing time. In fact, it’s usually written in the rules that each child play “ x” number of innings or “ x” number of quarters in the game. And that seems to work. Now, when it comes to school ball, that’s a different deal. First, coaches are hired and fired based, at least in part, on their team’s performance, so there’s an impetus to rack up wins. Second, even at the junior high level, many of these players are working toward competing for scholarships. If you have your first string team playing well, it’s often the coach’s prerogative to keep them in the game, even in a lopsided game, to fine tune plays or work on new ones in an in- game environment. Finally, when it comes down to it, the coach is the coach. He ( or she) is doing what he ( or she) thinks is best for the team. The players who aren’t getting in can be commended for continuing to work hard at practice and perhaps they will get an opportunity as long as they continue to work hard and stay ready. And as a post- script, I’m not about to tell a football coach how to coach his team, assuming he’s not going to come to my office and tell me how to put a newspaper together]

*** 2 weeks in a row, WHERE is Marion’s Police Report in Friday’s paper??????? [ Editor’s Note: It seems as though all crime in Marion has been eradicated! OK, for real though. There’s no conspiracy or anything… our good friend Assistant Police Chief Dennis Burns compiles those reports for us and I’ve been advised that he is out recovering from a surgical procedure. Once he’s back on the job, I’m sure the reports will return as well. Sorry for any inconvenience]

*** Thanks to the City of Marion for the stop signs on Judge Smith St. Now if we can get the same thing on Shiloh and Forest. What happened at City Council a few years ago about a speed breaker? Never got a call about it. [ Editor’s Note: OK, hold on a minute… I didn’t say much when all those stop signs started popping up all over town like dandelions, but this is starting to affect me! I’ve already run the one on Judge Smith twice, and I feel like Shiloh has enough stop signs already. Forest? Isn’t Forest just one big curve? I’m all for keeping the streets safe, but come on!

Is the local brake service industry giving the city kickbacks?]


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