Good gourd, a- mighty!

Good gourd, a- mighty!

Local couple have the magic touch on growing gourds

A Marion couple really knows how to use their old gourds. Gail and Duke Kyzar have won awards for growing and making art out of the vegetation. The couple took more than a dozen show ribbons this year from Missouri to Alabama and parts in between doing business as Hardin Gourds and Art.

The pair became interested after buying their first artsy gourd six years ago in Mountain View. After that they were hooked.

Gail, a self taught artist, considers herself a dabbler and finds joy in all forms of art. She has done beading, painting, clay sculpting and wood burning.

Duke enjoys growing different varieties of gourds in his garden where he sells his dried specimens and her crafted gourds. He has won competition in the Masters Division.”

ribbons for some of his gourds, including

“Ugliest in Show” — high praise from the cucurbitaceae aficionados that really dig the crazyshaped and bumpy family of fruit.

Gail recently went four for four with the top gourd awards in the advanced division at the Missouri Gourd show in Springfield.

The couple won 12 ribbons


the two of them at the Cullman Alabama Gourd Show. Gail’s entry in the top flight Master’s Division took the show. She intends to step up to the top class next year at the Missouri show too.

“Being recognized for one’s talent is thrilling,” said Gail. “Next year we will go back to the Missouri Gourd show for the pop-up shops in recent years but this holiday season they will be showing their wares at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View on November 23 and 24.

Those interested in some art locally may contact the artists to peruse the decorative pieces for home decor, the Thanksgiving table or a creative Christmas gift. Call for an appointment to check it out at 1953 Highway 64, or call (870) 2258442.

What could be sweeter?

“We are happy to have found a hobby we both can enjoy,” said Duke.

The art was not only up for competitive ribbons it’s up for sale too.

The creative couple have sold in local holiday

Yes that is a vegetable — sort of a “frankengourd”… the whimsical woman in was ºpieced together from different gourd pieces before being dressed in red.

By John Rech